How to Transfer Data from Android to ViVo X11

The updating of Android phones is becoming faster and faster, and many young people are often not satisfied with the phones they are using, no matter how long they are used. Some people use their phone for one or two months, and this month they buy a new phone, when a good phone is released.

I've been checking out some Android phones lately. I noticed vivo X11 in all kinds of Android phones. vivo X11 will be equipped with Snapdragon 660 and 5.5 inch 1080p displays with Samsung Amoled material. The machine also has a 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage collocation. In addition, it also has 5 million +1600 million cameras, equipped with Android 7.1.1 system.

If people are interested in vivo X11, I think this is really a worthwhile phone, if you want a new phone to replace your old Android phone.

The moment of changing vivo X11 is probably a very simple thing, but some follow-up questions are waiting for us. For example, how do you deal with your old Android phone? How to solve the data in the old Android phone? My suggestion is that we can transfer data from an old Android phone to a new phone. As a result, we can continue to use data from old phones, which is convenient for us. However, how can we transfer an old Android data to the new Vivo X11?

Phone to Phone Transfer allows mobile phone users transfer data between Android phone and vivo X11 with a few clicks. Transferring data from Android phone to vivo X11 is fully supported. It support to Android devices such as HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, Samsung, etc... In addition, it is a phone data transfer program can help mobile phone users transfer not only contacts, but also text messages, photos, video, music, call history, etc. With the help of MobileTrans, you will get a secure and satisfactory transfer result.


Step 1. Install Phone to Phone Transfer on computer

Download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer from the above link on computer. Then you can click "Phone to Phone Transfer" button when you see the main interface as follow.

Step 2. Connect Android and vivo X11 to the Same Computer via USB cables

Use the USB cables to connect your Android and vivo X11 to the computer, once the two phones detected by the program, both your Android and vivo X11 will be shown in the window. Here, you can click "Flip" button to change the phone's position as you like, if you want to transfer data from Android to vivo X11.

Step 3. Start Transferring data from Android phone

Select the data you want to transfer, such as contacts. Click "Start Transfer" button, and the program will start transferring the data you selected to your vivo X11. When the sync progress is over, click "OK" to end it.


Note: In the process of transfer, please ensure that the phones are connected to the computer.


How to Transfer Data from Android to Samsung Note 8

It is a common phenomenon that modern people change phones frequently because they chase the latest brand new phone or they use phone with a wrong way and reduce the lifetime of the phone. No matter what causes that, the data on the phone is more important than the phone itself. So how to transfer data from one device to another simply, securely and entirely? I believe that the answer to that question is useful to most phone users, for most phone users don’t like data transferring but sometimes they have to do it. What’s worse, phone users lose some imperative data during transferring manually.

If you want to avoid the accident and get the perfect effect of data transferring, there is no doubt that Phone to Phone Transfer is the best choice for you in the data transfer industry. It can enable you to transfer data between different phones of various operating systems with one click, including iOS, Android and son on. You can use it to transfer data between any of them. Besides, it protects users’ personal information and won’t overwritten the data. I have used it to transfer data from Android to Samsung Note 8 successfully, I contents with the result and trust it since that.

Now, let's see the way to transfer data from Android to Samsung Note 8 with Phone to Phone Transfer.


Step 1. Connect Your Devices to the Computer

Firstly, please launch the programme MobileTrans and get into the tooklit of "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the computer. Secondly, you need to connect Android to Samsung Note 8.

Both of your devices then will be recognized by Phone to Phone Transfer and displayed as images in the Source and Destination respectively. 

The data is transferred from the source device to the destination one, so the image of Android should be in the Source and the image of Samsung Note 8 should be in the Destination.

Step 2. Choose the File and Start to Transfer

Here, you can see the file types which Phone to Phone Transfer supports to copy.

Check all file types on the Content List. then click "Start Transfer" to enter the data copying process. Once the copying is done, all data on Android is transferred to Samsung Note 8 successfully.

During the copying process, it is important to keep your devices connected. Moreover, you can clear up the data on destination phone before copy.