How to Transfer Contacts and Pictures from iPhone to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Contacts and Pictures from iPhone to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

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Samsung News

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge + two giant-screen flagship, now the foreign media for both endurance equipment has been tested surprising is also equipped with two flagship 3000mAh, the final score actually life completely different, Galaxy S6 edge + endurance performance is better than 5 Galaxy Note.
(How to Transfer Contacts from S2/S3/S4/S5 to Samsung Note 5)

From the foreign media given life achievement, Samsung S6 edge + battery life of 9 hours 29 minutes, the Samsung Note 5 was 9 hours 11 minutes, although they score less battery life, but it must be noted that the hardware configuration and battery capacity under substantially the same conditions, such errors are rare.

But despite Samsung Note 5 of endurance performance is better S6 edge +, but compared with the previous generation Samsung Note 4 it still improve a lot. And the machine is only 81 minutes you can be fully recharged, better than the iPhone 6 Plus performance. Unfortunately, the current foreign media has not given Samsung S6 edge + full power will consume much time, it is estimated that it should be about the same Note 5.


How to Transfer Contacts and Pictures from iPhone to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Transfer data between different operation systems could be tricky, nobody wants their contacts and photos miss during the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus file transferring process. So do you want to know some tool that professional design for this tricky situation, software that can easily transfer all contacts, Photos, messages, media files, calendar from your iPhone to Samsung S6 Edge Plus even through it is dealing with the latest operation systems.

You may wonder where can you find this wonderful tool, don’t worry, because the following part of this article is going to show you what is this software and how you can use it.
Now let’s meet the Mobile Transfer, one of the most excellent data transfer software which already proved its powerful functions through its users around the world. I know you cannot wait to see how to use the Mobile Transfer to transfer your contacts and photos from iPhone to galaxy S6 edge Plus any more, let see the next 3 steps.

Please download the free trail version and have a try:


Use guide to transfer contacts and photos from iPhone to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

Step 1: Download and install the Mobile Transfer on your computer.

You should know that this software has versions for both Windows and Mac users to download, so choose the right one for you and follow the instructions to install this software on your devices.

Step 2: Connect both your iPhone and Samsung S6 Edge Plus to computer.

You will need USB cables to connect both devices to computer. But you will not immediately see them at the interface because the software will take some time to detect the device’s contents. But this will not bring any risk of leaking personal data, so don’t feel uncomfortable about that.

Step 3: Transfer contacts/photos from iPhone to Samsung S6 Edge Plus

When you saw your phones display on the interface, you can also check the content list which allows you to get a rough idea about how many things you have in your iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c. And then you can choose those data you would like to transfer from your iPhone to S6 Edge Plus, after that one simple click of Start Copy button will finish the whole job.



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