Transfer Contacts from Android HTC/LG to iPhone 7

Liking the new and hating the old is one of human natures, especially for the young. The young people always like to change their electronic product, for example the latest iPhone 7, which will be launched lately and I can believe iPhone 7 will attract many people to buy.

Apple more than just a successful brand, its product quality is also very good. This time, Apple said it would launch 5.5 inches screen, 3GB of memory, 14 million pixels, 256GB and 3100mAh battery capacity iPhone 7 release. In addition iPhone7 may also have 3D Touch, flexible displays, as well as waterproof and fast wireless charging and many other wonderful technology.

Actually, I also want to change my old HTC to iPhone 7. My HTC is also storage many contacts data and if I re-input the contacts data to iPhone 7 one by one, I think it will make us feel very troubled. The most painful thing for replacing a new phone is to import contacts! However, here are a software, called Mobile Transfer can help us transfer contacts even almost all data in our phone. What's more, it can transfer data between different system such as Symbian, iOS, Android and Winphone. Every time I changed my phone, I would use Mobile Transfer to transfer what files I need. Well, the following article will guide you how to use it.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Android HTC/LG to iPhone 7

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

In the beginning, download, install and launch the Mobile Trans. Its four functions will be showed on the window. And we just need to click the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connected your Devices

Then connect our devices to computer via USB cables. Please note that the source phone just like my HTC should be set on the left, while the destination phone just like the iPhone 7 should be set on the right. If we reverse them, only need to click the "Flip" button upper the contents list to exchange their position.

Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer them

Finally, scan the files in the contents list and check the required files box. Now check the "Contacts" box. By the way, if we want to erase the destination phone, we can check the "Clear data before copy" box. Then click the "Start Transfer" button to begin the transmission process. This process will last for a little while, we must keep the USB cables connected and the computer running.


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How to Permanently Erase all Data from Samsung S5

How to completely remove the data in Samsung S5? I'm really in a hurry. I'm going to sell my Samsung S5 to the secondary market. When I put the phone back to the factory settings, I found that the data has been deleted has not disappeared. I search the Internet for related knowledge, I found that restore the factory settings and cannot completely remove the phone data, these data can still be recovered through professional software. I really need to completely remove all the contacts, vdieos, photos, sms text messages, call logs, music, bookmarks, login password and more from my samsung galaxy S5, how should I do?

Safe Eraser is a powerful software to delete. Since there is a professional data recovery software, then there will be data deletion software. And Safe Erase is a professional and safe software. You can use the software to completely delete all the phone data, and deleted data is not possible to recover by any data recovery software. You no longer have to worry about the phone data is compromised. And, it also can clean up the memory for your mobile phone, freeing up storage space.

You can download the Safe Eraser and have a try:


Steps to Delete all Data from Samsung Galaxy S5:

Step 1.Download and install SafeErase on your computer. Then run it. At the same time, your phone is connected to the computer with the USB line. You also need to open the USB debugging on your mobile phone.

Note: You may be asked to install MobileGo connector on your device, please install.

Step 2. Now, the program's window displays only one function module. You need to click on it and then go to the next step.

Step 3. At this point, the program's interface is as follows. Please read the text carefully and confirm that, next you have entered "delete" and click on the right bottom of the "Erase Now ". Then you need to wait for a while. At length, You need to follow the instruction on the device and tap Factory Data Reset to all wipe system settings.


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How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to Note 7

My girlfriend is very fond of taking pictures and watching videos. She often complains that her iPhone 5s screen is too small. So I want to buy a Note 7 as a surprise for her. And finally the result is satisfying. And the girlfriend gave me a question; she wanted to transfer text messages from iPhone 5S to Note 7. What shall I do?

iPhone to Samsung Transfer is a software that can transfer data text messages from a iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE/6 to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For example, the transfer of contacts from iPhone to Samsung phone note 7. It can achieve a variety of data transfer, such as contacts, text messages, music, video, etc.. It's powerful and not just in this function. It also features backup, restore, and delete functions.


Steps to Transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Step 1. Run Mobile Trans and select function

First, download the Mobile Trans to your computer, and then run it. Next, select and click on the function you need, please select "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect two mobile phones to the computer

Please connect your mobile phone to your computer with the USB line. When the connection is successful, you need to determine whether the display of the phone is correct, because you need to make the old phone appear on the left. Click "Flip" according to the actual situation.

Step 3. Transfer mobile phone text messages to Note 7

Now, you can transfer your cell phone text messages from iPhone to Note7. In the middle of the window there are a number of projects, find and click "text messages", and then click "Start Transfer".


In addition, you can also experience other features. You can click on "Back To Homepage” to experience more.


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How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung Note 7

Our mobile Tranfer is aging with the frequent use everyday. So it is common for people to replace the old device periodically. Data transfer is the most fundamental task people might come across when they change their phone because data mean a lot. Contacts, text messages and photos transfer are common. However, bringing over other data, such as call logs, calendars and apps, is a challenge, especially if you're changing phone platforms.

iPhone to Samsung Transfer allows you to transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendars, apps, photos, music, and videos between most phones, iPhone, HTC, Samsung and LG included. With iPhone to Samsung Transfer, you simply install the program, connect both your source phone and destination phone, and you can meet the end soon. The neat, clean interface makes it easier to operate. Needed no complex operations, you can complete the transfer with one-click performance.
Next, let's check how to use iPhoen to Samsung Transfer - Phone to Phone Transfer to transfer calendar from iPhone to Samsung Note 7 step by step.


Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

To transfer calendars from iPhone to Note 7, you can choose to click "Phone to Phone Transfer". Then connect both your devices to the computer via USB. Once the program detects them, it will show you next window.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

iPhone to Samsung Transfer identifies your phones, and lets you know how much content you have available to transfer. Besides the two devices, all the data that can be transfered are displayed in categories on the window. Above them is the "Flip" button. Check "Calendar" from the list. Then make sure that the positions of the source and destination phone are correct. The calendar should be transfered from source phone to destination phone. Now, click "Start Trasnfer" to begin the transfer. Never disconnect the devices until the process is completed so that you can finish it efficiently.



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Transfer SMS Text Messages from LG to Samsung Note 7

"I own two phones, one LG and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I use LG at work and Note 7 out of my work. At first, I just want to seperate my work from my daily life. However, I come to realize the importance of having a copy of LG data on my Note 7 in case something terrible happen on my LG which will certainly have a bad effect on my work. But so far, I have not yet found the most efficient method."

If you want a efficient method, you should not miss Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer - phone transfer software is an application that allows easy transfer of contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, music, photos, app data, and apps between whatever iOS or Android devices in one click. It's famous for its transfer function--easy to operate, zero risk, common applicability. That's also why it can stand out from so many homogeneous products. Finished in two steps, it can't go wrong generally. Besides, the messages you want to transfer will be treated with extraordinary secrecy. Not only Android users, but iOS users can use Mobile Transfer. Whatever Samsung, LG, HTC, iPHone or Huawei users you are, you can use Mobile Transfer without any worry.

I will instruct you to transfer SMS and text messages from LG to Samsung Note 7 step by step below. But firstly, download Mobile Transfer on PC.


Step 1  Connect both of your devices to your PC

Finishing the download and installment on PC, run Mobile Transfer on PC and the user interface will crop up. It's consist of four patterns. Each refers to centain function. Then click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" and go on. Link both LG and Note 7 to PC via USB and then wait for a few minutes so that Mobile Transfer can detect your devices.


Step 2  Choose the file and Click "Start Transfer".

Then it will switch over to the next window where you can choose content to transfer. There is a list on the center of the window. Just tick SMS and messages here and then click on "Sart Transfer". Then it will start the process and the transfer will be finished in a few minutes which depends on the amount of the SMS and text messages. Make sure that both your devices are connected to the PC so that the transfer goes smoothly.

If you find that the source phone is not LG, you should click on "Flip" to exchange the position so that you can smoothly reach your target.


Also, you can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data.


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Permanently Delete All Data from Samsung Note 7

How to delete Samsung Note 7's privacy information, documents and data? Generally, many people will choose delete data directly, or restore factory settings. But in fact this is not safe, deleted files can still use some software to restore integrity. When your mobile phone sold to the secondary market, the criminals can be recovered the old phone information by technical means, which will bring significant risks to your property security. Then how to completely erase all data from Samsung Note 7?

So we need a safe and reliable software to process mobile phone data. Safe Eraser is such a software.

Safe Eraser is a powerful software. It can completely delete the information in your Android Samsung phone to protect your personal privacy. It not only can clean junk files on the device, but also can free up devices' space and speed up your device. And this software is not perfect. At this stage, for Android mobile phone, it is only able to completely remove all of the Android Samsung galaxy phone files, and can not be selectively deleted data.


Next, let me show how to permanently delete all data from Samsung Note 7

Step 1. You need to download and install SafeEraser on your computer. And then run it. In addition, connect your phone with the USB line to the computer. When you connect the phone to your PC, the program will ask you to install the MobileGo connector. Please install.

Step 2. At this time, click on the interface of the only figure "Erase All Data".

Step 3. Next, the program will pop up a window, you need to read the contents carefully, and then input the "delete". Your mobile phone files have been completely removed. In the end, the program will show you what data you have deleted and how much you have data deleted.

Note. Since this software will completely remove your phone data, so you'd better back up the important phone data before this.


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