How to Transfer Contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 7 Plus

Maybe you has been used to use the Android system and Samsung has also launched Note 7. However, with the cases of exploding lithium-ion batteries of Note 7, I believe many people would change their idea of buying Note 7 and buy a iPhone 7 to replace it. Besides, the configuration of iPhone 7 is also very outstanding, which compared with the note 7 is even better.

Well, after buying a iPhone 7, there still have some problems we need to solve. Like our contacts, it must be the first thing we should transfer from the old HTC/LG to new iPhone 7. Don't worry, it would not be a trouble for you, because here is an expert, I would like to recommend to you, which name is Mobile Trans.

Mobile Trans is a powerful transfer software for iOS, Android, Symbian and Winphone. It not only can transfer your contacts in your devices, but also it can transfer the photos, videos, call logs, musics, calendar, etc. Almost all data in your devices can be transferred, whatever your smartphone model is. And the following article will guide you how to use Mobile Trans.


Steps to How to Transfer Contacts from HTC/LG to iPhone 7

Step 1. Launch Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

First of all, download and install the right version of Mobile Trans, then launch it. The main interface of Mobile Trans will display its four functions to you. Select the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect your Devices

Then connect your devices with USB cables respectively. Mobile Trans will recognize them automatically and the source phone should be set on the left side, while the destination phone is on the right side. If their position are reversed, just click the "Flip" button to exchange them.

Step 3. Select the Files and Transfer them

Now, select the files what you want and tick their box in the contents list. Well, if you want to erase the new device, check the "Clear data before copy" button, then check the box in front of "Contacts" and click the "Start Transfer" to begin the transmission process. The process will last for some time, the length of time depends on the amount of data. Please be patient and keep the devices connected.


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