How to Transfer Data Contacts from Lenovo to Samsung S7 Edge

I want to buy a large screen phone, what should I choose? My friend recommended me a Samsung S7 Edge. Galaxy S7 Edge's waterproof and dustproof rating is IP68, can stay in water for up to 30 minutes! Secondly, it can be wireless charging. Just put your S7 Edge on the wireless charging board, you can charge directly. It also has Samsung Pay to facilitate your daily use. Is there any more? Because of the use of Dual Pixel Sensor, it can be completed in a very short time. And it can also shoot in weak light. Under the condition of insufficient light, S7 Edge can take clear outline, thanks to its f/1.7 large aperture.

Check out the relevant information on S7 Edge, I decided to buy it instead of my Lenovo phone. But I need to copy Lenovo phone contacts to Samsung S7 Edge, how can I do?

Mobile Transfer is a very popular data processing software. It has the advantages of high transmission speed, stable transmission, safety and reliability. It can not only ensure the integrity and correctness of data transmission, but also can effectively prevent the data from being damaged or leaked in the transmission process. You can use it to transfer data between a variety of phones, regardless of your phone brand is Lenovo, HUAWEI, LG or Samsung, iPhone, it can be transferred file between these phone. In addition, it is not only the transfer function; it can also backup and delete data. So if you have other needs, you can use it.


Step 1. Please download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer. After running it, click "Phone To Phone Transfer" to enter the next step.

Step 2. Use USB cable to connect your Lenovo and Samsung phone to the computer. Make sure that whether your lenovo phone display on the left as the source phone. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. There are a number of items between the two mobile phones, find and check the "Contact", and then click "Start Transfer". After the task, click "OK".


Note: please ensure that the two phones are connected to the computer during the whole transfer process.

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