How to Import Messages Photos from Samsung to LG G6

2017 MWC has begun; LG G6 has become the focus of attention, but also the one of the topics that people talk about.

LG G6 uses a screen with the ratio of 18:9, support Dolby Vision technology, which has a wider dynamic display range. LG G6 takes into account most of the daily use scenarios in the design process, to create a product that are easy to handle in most situations. On the back of the fuselage, it use a metal material, body color is silver, white and black. LG G6 has a 3300 Ma battery, and support IP68 dustproof waterproof level, which means that LG G6 can be normal used in the vast majority of moisture and even water environment.

However, even if LG G6 is good, people are generally worried about the same problem; can the data in the old phone be import to the new LG G6? I randomly picked up a user and understand his needs. He wants to import Messages Photos from Samsung to LG G6. So, I will take this problem as an example to provide a method.

If you want to import Samsung phone text messages and photos to the LG G6, the most effective way is to use MobileTrans.

MobileTrans can help you transfer data between two phones. On the one hand, it can transfer photos, text messages, music, videos, contacts, calendar, call history, app and app data. On the other hand, it applies to Samsung, LG, iPhone, HUAWEI, SONY, ZTE, OPPO, NOKIA and other mobile phones. While MobileTrans uses an intuitive interface, you can quickly find the functionality you need. In addition, the operation step is also very simple.


Step 1. Run MobileTrans on your computer

Download, inatall and Run MobileTrans on your computer, then you can click “Phone to Phone Transfer” button when you see the main interface as follow.

Step 2. Connect Samsung and LG G6 to your computer

Connect Samsung and LG G6 to your computer with USB cable. When the phones are displayed on the window, please check whether the Samsung phone is displayed on the left, LG G6 is displayed on the right. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. Import text messages and photos to LG G6

Finally, you can see the contacts, text messages, photos, music and other items between the two phones, check the photos and text messages, and then click "Start Transfer".


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