How to Transfer Photos Videos from LG to Note 7

Transfering data between two devices is becoming more and more common in our life along with the rate of obsolescence speeds up. There are plenty of important data on our phone that are necessary to bring them to the new device, for example, contacts, photos, videos, etc. However, few of us know the most efficient method to transfer them between phones, not to metion other difficult task relevant to data manage.

How can I Transfer Photos Videos from LG to Note 7?

So here I will introduce a helpful almighty data manage software--Android Data Transfer. It's competent to transfer data such as contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos and radios from LG to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It can finish the transfer with one click and at the same time promise the security of the data. As a data processing software, Android Data Transfer can not only transfer data, but also be used to back up the data on phone to the computer, restore the phone data from the computer to the phone. Last but not the least, it can completely erase your old phone data. That's why it's a almighty software and why I recommend it!


As you can see below, the whole operation can't be more simple. It can be concluded into two steps. 

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

Run Android Data Transfer on PC and the primary window will pop up. There are four patterns on the primary window. Each of them corresponds to the certain function. Then you should choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" pattern and it will show you the next window which requests you to connect both of your devices to the PC via USB. After you connect them to PC, you should wait until Android Data Transfer detects your devices.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

When MobileTrans detects your devices, you can see the window below. All the transferable data are displayed on the conter of the window. You can choose some content to copy and then click "Transfet" to start the transfer.

Besides, you might advert to the "Flip" button. Actually, you can click on it so that you can exchange the position of the two devices. In addtion, there is a line of small print under the destinatin phone--clear data before copy. In order to move place for the new data, sometimes there is a necessity to clear the data on your Note 7.



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