How to Transfer Photos Videos from HTC to Samsung Note 7

As we all know, Samsung Note 7 will be coming in soon. Now, we have basically knew
its overall hardware, Note 7 equipped a 5.7-inch screen with 2K resolution. International edition will adopt Snapdragon 821 quad core processor, 4GB of ram and 64GB ROM basic hardware combination. Besides, Note 7 has a 3500 mAh battery, iris recognition and 4096 level pressure sensitive s pen. The body and stylus support IP68 waterproof level.

Such a luxurious configuration, it is too attractive.
And I also decide to buy one as soon as it is on the market. But as a travel enthusiasts, my old HTC storages many photos and videos, which were taken by myself in many tourist spots. So the first things to do for me after I buy a Samsung Note 7 is transfer those photos and videos. But how can I do that simply and efficiently?

In order to solve this question, I consulted some friends who are working in some phone store. They recommended me a software, Mobile Transfer. They said Mobile Transfer is a professional software for transferring data. It can transfer many data such as contacts, call logs, musics, ect... And the data can be transferred without any loss between iOS, Android, Symbian and Winphone system. Well, the following article will guide you how to use Mobile Transfer.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from HTC to Samsung Note 7

Step 1. Open Mobile Transfer and Choose the Mode

Download, install and launch Mobile Transfer, then we will watch its four functions, just click the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect your Devices to Computer

When the software enter the next interface, we can connect your devices to your computer via USB cables. Please note that the source phone should be set on the left and the destination phone is on the right, if you reverse them, just need to use the "Flip" button to exchange their position.

Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer them

Now we can choose the files you would like to transfer. Let us check the "Photos" and "Videos" box, by the way if you want to erase the data on your new Note 7 before transferring, check the "Clear Data before Copy". Then click "Start Transfer" button to begin the transmissiong process. The process will last for a while, which depend on the number of your data, please be patient.

down-win         down-mac

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