Samsung Note 6 or equipped with 256GB flash Xiaolong 823 processor

[Abstract] rumors that Samsung Note s6 LPDDR4 with up to 6GB of memory capacity, and provide 64GB / 128GB UFS2.0 flash.

Although the Samsung GALAXY S7 series just released, but the printing has already started in the second half of Samsung's flagship GALAXY Note outgoing message 6. Recently, industry analysts have not only revealed the Samsung new machine will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 unreleased processor, and with Samsung officially announced 256GB large-capacity flash memory UFS2.0 mass production, the industry is also expected that this large capacity Flash memory will appear on the Samsung GALAXY Note 6 phone, and bring more fluid control experience.

Or with 256GB flash

According to Samsung's official website announced the news that Samsung will world premiere production UFS2.0 256GB large-capacity flash memory chips. It is reported that the random access memory chip input / output operations per second (IOPS) and 40,000 to reach 45,000, while a continuous read and write speed respectively reach 850MB / s and 260MB / s, not just overall very fast, and even read most SATA speed is approaching twice the SSD.
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At the same time according to Samsung's official statement, the new 256GB UFS 2.0 flash memory chip that allows users to watch 4K ultra high-definition movie can also quickly multi-task processing. And because of the volume of flash memory chips smaller than conventional microSD memory card volume, so as to enhance the variety of mobile phone, equipped with large-capacity 256GB UFS 2.0 flash memory chips will naturally be a matter of course. To this end, the industry speculated that this 256GB flash chips may appear on the second half of Samsung's flagship GALAXY Note6 phone, and thus bring more smooth operating experience.

Equipped Xiaolong 823 processor

Ultra-thin display

Although the Samsung GALAXY Note 6 for at least the third quarter will be released but anecdotal rumors has provoked much discussion. There used to be friends on the microblogging disclosed that the aircraft will be equipped with 5.8 inches 2K touch screen, but the display panel will use Samsung's new ultra-thin OLED touch screen, reportedly will be named Slim RGB AMOLED. Not only return to RGB pixel arrangement mode, but Samsung is to allow the camera to highlight obvious, as well as increased research and development of new battery space and ultra-thin OLED.

Meanwhile Samsung GALAXY Note 6 rumors have also LPDDR4 memory capacity up to 6GB, and offers 64GB / 128GB UFS2.0 flash. As the camera will follow the same GALAXY S7 12 million pixel camera, but will enhance the image stabilization technology, reportedly will use Super OIS Plus anti-shake technology, which supports 3-D lens-shift image stabilization and sensor-shift image stabilization. The possibility of course, more authenticity of the message has not been confirmed, but newer processors, more memory and more storage capacity appears on the GALAXY Note 6 phones is still very large.

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