Samsung S7 edge renderings exposure

Samsung Galaxy S7 series released from the week before, now we also have to know in advance broke through the configuration and design details of the many new flagship. Now, the great God brokeevleaks also provides a few Samsung S7 edge HD renderings show the aircraft will have gold, silver, black (pure black, unlike the S6 edge of the blue-black) three color.

From the image point of view, Samsung S7 edge still uses a dual front surface design, which arc breakdown on both sides of the screen, reflecting the soft rounded effect. Samsung S7 edge back and previous exposure Samsung S7, as appears to use the glass, and in order with the overall design echoes the name of the logo below the back also with a rounded font.

Allegedly, Samsung S7 and S7 edge will be March 11 listed for sale in a number of key markets (including the Chinese market). According to the European version of the previously disclosed the price of speculation, compared with Samsung S6, S7 series Samsung BNM version of the price or have come down, we are not really looking forward to?

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