Permanently Delete Call History On Samsung Galaxy

"Help, I would like to permanently delete my Samsung Galaxy S7 call history. I bought a iPhone 7 a few days ago, so this old Samsung S7 will be sent to my mother. But I don't want her to see my call history, which is my secret; I need to permanently delete them. However, at present, I have not found a useful way, what should I do?"

Permanently delete the phone call history, which is a demand lots of people will meet. Because the call history is related to our privacy in many cases, many people do not want others to see the data, so people tend to find ways to permanently delete it.

Fortunately, this demand has been resolved. People can use dr.fone toolkit: Android Data Eraser to achieve the purpose of permanently deleted phone data.

Dr.fone toolkit: Android Data Eraser is a software for the development of Android device, is committed to facilitate people to delete data in the phone. It can achieve the effect of permanent deletion, once you use it, your phone data will not be able to recover no matter what method you use. Its steps are simple, and each step is equipped with detailed instructions. In addition, the software uses an intuitive interface. More importantly, your phone data will not be retained and recorded. Once the phone data is deleted, they are permanently disappearing. So your data is safe.

Because the software will delete all the data in the phone, so I suggest you back up the phone data to the computer, and you can also use dr.fone toolkit: Android Data Backup & Restore to backup the phone data.


Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone

First, download and install dr.fone toolkit for Android on the computer, running it, you see all the function. Select "Data Eraser" and click on it.
Then, connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer via a USB line. When the phone is connected to the computer, you need to open the USB debugging on the phone. The program can identify your phone only in this way.

If the Android os version is above 4.2.2, there will be a pop-up message on your phone asking you to allow USB debugging. Tap on OK to continue.

Step 2. Start Erasing Your Samsung Galaxy phone

Next, the program will automatically identify your Samsung Galaxy and display your phone model on the screen; you can see a "Erase All Data" button, click on it.

PS: again, because the software will permanently delete the data in your phone, please back up important data in your phone.

Then, the program will enter the next interface, when you confirm your operation, you need to enter the "delete" in the dialog box, and then click "Erase Now".
Now, the program will begin to delete the data in the phone, this process will take you a few minutes, please do not disconnect the phone and the computer.

Step 3. Perform Factory Data Reset on Samsung Galaxy

Finally, when all the data on the phone is removed, the program will ask you to tap on Fatory Data Reset or Erase All Data on the phone. This will help you completely wipe all the settings on the phone. When this task is completed, the program will display "Erase Completed".

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