How to Delete Message History from Samsung Permanently [Android]

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Samsung News

Equipment List Samsung's new flagship Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920F), now appear in the import and export of India website Zauba previously appeared in the US FCC's website, this means that the machine should be tested in India.

Zauba information display, Samsung Note 5 tester price of $ 572 (about 3552 yuan). Of course, this is only the price of the test machines, test machines and will not be sold at the same time, this may let you down.

Configuration, the alleged Samsung Note 5 will be equipped with Exynos 7422 processor, 5.67 inches Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2K level, while the built-in 4GB of memory. Its appearance is not very different style to the previous generation.
In addition, Samsung Note 5 may be in the Aug. 12 debut, so I want to see the real machine users do not have to be rushed, August is coming soon.


Deleting Message History on Samsung Permanently

Smartphone always played an important role in our life since the introduction of Samsung galaxy. According to leading industry statistics Analysis,nowadays Samsung has been the most useful smartphone. New features and functions are consistently added to the new models with nearly the same price, cause that users tend to change or upgrade their old device more frequently, Samsung is also not an exception. You can easy sell your old Samsung in a short period of time at online market place, like eBay and Craigslist. However, this actions should be taken before selling your Samsung galaxy to someone who you don’t know well previously.(How to Delete Messages/Contacts/Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/Ace/Note Permanently)

According to test explanation messages don't get deleted Entirely. Even after you delete a conversation from Samsung galaxy, it can still be found when using Spotlight to enter some keyword and search. Is there a way to permanent delete Samsung galaxy phone text messages?

This is because when you delete text messages from Samsung Galaxy phone , they don't actually get deleted. Instead, they're marked for deletion by the operating system and hidden so that they appear deleted. But they're still exist in Samsung. Only when you sync your Samsung with are they truly deleted. As a result, if you want to permanent delete Samsung messages. Today, I am gonna to introduce a new tool called Samsung Data Eraser-Mobile Transfer, designed for erasing Samsung Messages permanently and it’s absolutely none recoverable.


Useful method to delete/erase messages history from Samsung galaxy phone permanently:

Step1 Launch the tool and backup your Samsung Messages to PC 

First of all, you have to backup all Messages history which you think very important before wiping your data.Once the data erasure could not restore,But you can restore the backup of the data.

Step2 Connect your Samsung device to the computer 

Connect your Samsung to PC with an USB cable after Install and run the Samsung Data Eraser.Then click "Back Up Your Phone" to bring out the backup window to backup your Android to PC. 

Step3 Delete all Messages from your Samsung Permanently

Completed the above 2 steps,you can delete all Messages on your Samsung permanently , including the photos, contacts, messages, call logs, videos, and more.Then,Removal process may have to spend a few minutes, please be patient.

Tips:If you want to restore the deleted messages, you can recover deleted messages from backup files. 



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  1. To Delete Message History from Samsung Permanently [Android], the easiest way is using Android data recovery program. It helps us deleted data, like messages from all kinds of Android device, including Samsung permanently. The deleted data can't be recovered by any data recovery tool.

  2. Here is a video about iPhone and Android smartphones, you can manage, recover, backup and erase anything on your Samsung