How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Phone/Tablet

Part 1 News - Samsung Galaxy S6 Can Not Use The Pay Feature After Being Root

SamMobile reported that the website for Samsung Pay mobile payment experimental tests, found to be out of the Galaxy S6 or Root Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Pay function can not be used.

If you are a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge users, and the Android smart phone has a certain understanding and requirements, then we will look for Root out the phone and then add your favorite plug-ins or optimization method for mobile phones. But if you want to use the Samsung Samsung Pay payment functions, then we must seriously consider the.

According to SamMobile reports that the site for the Samsung Pay mobile payment experimental tests, found to be out of the Galaxy S6 or Root Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Pay function can not be used. This has Root for users is undoubtedly a great loss, after all, the future of mobile payments has become a trend in the future we can use mobile payment services in more shopping malls and mobile terminals. The amount of thanks Android system, Samsung Pay even better than Apple's Apple pay range even more widely.

So if you're interested in Samsung Pay mobile payment business, then we recommend that you do not drop your Galaxy S6 Root or Galaxy S6 Edge. If you're not too cold, they can still continue their own decisions.

Part 2 12 Reasons to Root Your Samsung & Android Phone

  • Remove Bloatware
  • Speed Up Your Android Phone to Perform Faster
  • Enjoy Apps that Require Root Access
  • Make a Full Backup for Your Android Phone
  • Install Latest Android Version
  • Block Advertisements to Play Apps Seamlessly
  • Improve Battery Life
  • Flash a Custom ROM
  • Optimize System
  • Install Apps on SD Card to Free Up Space
  • Use Gaming Controller to Play Games on Android Phone
  • Truly on Your Own Android Phone

Part 3 8 Preparatory Measures Before Rooting Samsung & Android Devices

  • Backup Data from Samsung Phone or Other Android Devices
  • Battery is adequate
  • Install Necessary Driver for Your Samsung & Android Device
  • Find a Reliable Rooting Solution
  • Read and Watch Rooting Tutorial or Video
  • Know How to Unroot
  • Know How to Restore Lost Data after Rooting Samsung & Android Device
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall on Your PC

Part 4 Tutorial - How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note/S/A Phones

Among lots of root softwares, Android Data Manager stands out due to its simplified operation. Just one click, your Samsung phone or tablet and other brand of Android devices will be root safely. What's more, it's fully compatible with more than 3,000 Android devices running Android 2.2 and later. Below is the easy tutorial on how to root Android phone or tablet. Follow it.

Step 1. Download and Run Android Data Manager on Your PC


To get started, install and run Android Data Manager on your Window computer after downloading. Launch it.

Step 2. Connect Your Samsung/Android Phone or Tablet to Computer via USB Cable or WiFi

Connect via USB cable: Plug into a USB cable to computer to get your Android phone or tablet connected. Once recognized, your Android phone or tablet will show up in the primary window.

Connect via WiFi: To make a WiFi connection, you must make sure you have installed the must-have MobileGo.apk file on your Samsung or Android phone/ tablet. If not, install MobileGo.apk file manually. Then, open MobileGo app on your Samsung or Android phone/tablet and use it to scan the QR Code on the desktop MobileGo to get connected.

Step 3. Start to Root Android Phone or Tablet

In the left sidebar, click Toolkit. In the Toolkit window, click Get Root Access. MobileGo starts to root your Android phone or tablet. In the rooting process, keep your Samsung/Android phone or tablet being connected.

Unfortunately, if your find that your data lose after rooting your Samsung or Android devices, please do not worry, you can restore your lost data from previous backup file, besides, you can also directly scan and restore lost data from Samsung/Android devices with the Android Data Recovery tool.

How to Restore Lost Data from Rooted Samsung

Android Data Recovery tool is a user-friendly program for data recovery. Unlike other recovery tools, it covers a wider range of data types, which includes photos, contacts, messages and so forth, and a wider range of android devices. Phones and tablets of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Motorola and many others, which runs Android OS 2.1 and later, are all compatible with this outstanding Android data recovering tool.


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