How to Transfer content from your iPhone 5 to Samsung S6 edge

Part 1: Something about Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Part 2: The way to transfer iPhone 5 content to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Part 3: More related articles


Something about Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Recently, Samsung at MWC launch of two flagship Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge industry has been concerned.Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC2015) on March 2 -5 days in Spain · Barcelona kicked off this year's conference theme is "THE EDGE OF INNOVATION" (innovative edge), indicating that the Congress will bring a lot of highly innovative products and services.

Samsung held the MWC the S6 / S6 edge conference, these two powerful mobile hardware configuration and stylish appearance are sought after by consumers, and the hardware configuration, the Samsung Android phone S6 still lead the industry, with 14-nanometer process filter, and built DDR4 3GB RAM running memory, rear a large aperture of F1.9 16 million pixel camera, the overall hardware configuration called luxury. And Also announced Samsung S6 Edge, hardware configuration and S6 consistent, but it has a unique design of the sides, although some visual looks wonderful, but handling it pretty well. Compared to the previous Note Edge, a double arc when the phone side of the design, estimate the user needs some time to adapt.


 The way to transfer iPhone 5 content to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

How to transfer content from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5 to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge Many people need to copy the valuable info to a new phone. Then they search on the internet, but find nothing. So, is there even a way to save data directly on a different phone which is based on a different OS? The answer is yes. All you need are two USB cables, a computer and this software Mobile Transfer.

Honestly, Mobile Transfer is professional phone data transfer software not only in transferring contacts but also in copying text messages, apps, photos, music and more between multiple phones run Android, Symbian and iOS.


Easy steps to transfer content from iPhone 5 to Samsung galaxy S6/S6 edge

Step 1. Install and launch Phone Transfer on computer

Launch the Phone Transfer after downloading and installing it on your computer. When you see the home window as below, choose Phone to Phone Transfer to continue.

Step 2. Connect both phones to the same computer
Now, connect both your Samsung phone and iPhone to the computer with two USB cables. As soon as they are connected, the Phone Transfer program will detect and display them on the window as "Source" and "Destination". If they are not in the right places, you can click the "Flip" button to change the position of phones.

Note: You can check the box "Clear data before copy" if you have a need to delete the contacts on your "Destination" phone.

Step 3. Transfer content between Samsung and iPhone

After you mark the data you want to transfer, like contacts, photos or other data, click the "Start Copy" button to allow the program transfer data from iPhone to Samsung galaxy S6/S6 edge, or from Samsung to iPhone. When it's done, click "OK".

Note: You should make sure both phones are connected well during the transferring process. With the help of Phone Transfer, you can transfer your contacts between different phones in quite a simple way. In addition, it can help you transfer text messages, call log, photos, music, and videos as well.


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