How to Transfer Data from Blank Screen Samsung to Computer?

By the leadership of Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony and other popular brands of Android phones, on a global scale, with hundreds of millions of users. There is no doubt that among them not lack of skilled and professional users, but at the same time, there are a considerable number of new Android users which are unfamiliar for Android, So, the important problem that blank screen Samsung many Samsung users may face to, just as my family and some of my friends, thanks to their Android Phone especially Samsung Galaxy will never open again after blank screen, they always ask me the question about how to transfer theirs photos, videos, messages, contacts or other data from blank screen Android Samsung to computer for backup, or how to easily backup theirs dead phone or black phone data to computer. Although I was not an expert on this area, however, I am obviously have a little experience. To write this article, now I will going to tell you an effective and simple method to backup your blank screen Android Samsung data. Please keep reading below.
(Transfer All Data from Blank Screen Phone to new Phone)

To easily copy your data from blank screen Android Samsung to PC for backup, you can't miss Android Data Transfer. Android Data Manager -  Android Data Transfer is a remarkably versatile data management software, which not only allows you one click to backup all data from your blank screen Samsung to computer, but also enables you respectively to transfer data like contacts, text messages, photos, music, apps, videos and more between Android devices and computer. What's more, Android Data Transfer can also be used to root your Android devices, and backup android data to computer. You can free download Android Data Transfer and try it on your computer, to see how perfect it works.


How to Backup Data from Blank Screen Android Samsung Phone to Computer?

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your Samsung device

After installaiton, launch Android Data Manager on your computer. When you see the main window pop up, select "Android" option to enter the transfer interface. Now, you are asked to connect your device to PC, just do it by using a USB cable. Once your Android is recognized, you'll see that your Android phone shows up in the primary window as below.

Step 2. Transfer your blank screen Samsung data to PC

Now you can see all the transferable data are listed in the left column, click on those what you want, such as apps, contact, SMS, etc. Then, the corresponding window appears on the right. Choose the file that you want and click "Import" or "Export" to transfer them to your computer.

In addition, if you want to completely backup your data, you can click "One-Click Backup" in the Main Menu to transfer all the selected data from your device to computer with a click.


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  2. Actually, if the blank screen Samsung phone can be detected by computer via usb cable, we can use Samsung data manager tool to help us transfer data from it to computer. Data, including contacts, photos, messages, music, videos, etc can be easily transferred.

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    I have samsung core prime, I want to transfer my all data to laptop, my phone screen is black and also locked, someone please tell me how to connect it to laptop via data cable, I try many software but no result.