How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung S7/S7 Edge

[Abstract] equally dual-pixel camera, the Samsung Focus S7 speed faster than the SLR.

Currently, the new flagship of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge photographic effect on the market can be said to be one of the most powerful smartphones the camera. The new flagship not only has a large aperture f / 1.7, helping more light to enter, but also due to the phase detector is equipped with a four-axis technology, it brought a very fast autofocus system.

Such characteristics mean that the other phase detection system increased by 5% of the pixels, so the Galaxy S7's Edge focusing speed to be faster. But how specifically how fast is it? The latest video from the point of view of comparison, Galaxy S7 Edge even in the focusing speed beat SLR cameras.

From the video, we see, with the Galaxy S7 Edge compare the Canon EOS 70D SLR. To be fair, this SLR cameras already on the market more than three years, and so is not equipped with the latest technology. But we have always said there is hope the future of smart phones replace traditional cameras in the camera, which is a comparison can say that gives us more hope.

And this is not a comparison of the first paragraph on Galaxy S7 camera, before the outside world in the Galaxy S7 iPhone 6s / 6s Plus conducted a comparative sample, and Who better number, we believe it is based on personal preferences to decide.

Way to Transfer pictures from iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C to Samsung S7/S7 Edge:

Want to quickly transfer your pictures from your iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6 to your Samsung Galaxy S7/7 Edge? Not sure how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge? Use the iPhone to Samsung Transfer app.

Here I recommend you a professional iPhone to Samsung Data Transfer tool –with which you just need one click to finish the contacts/photos/videos/music/text messages from iPhone to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge transferring process.

The try trail version below you can download:


Follow the steps to transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung S7/S7 Edge:

Step 1: Download and open the iPhone to Samsung Transfer- Mobile Transfer program.

Step 2: Please click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and go on.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone and Samsung S7/S7 Edge to the computer via two USB cables.

Tips: If the Source phone is not the iOS device, click on "Flip" above the content you want to copy and the order will be reversed.

Step 4: Trasnfer pictures to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

Select the photos and click "Start Copy" to transfer pictures from old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6 to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


More info:

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