Import Text Messages from Samsung S4/S5 to S7/S7 Edge

Hi there,
I am new to this forum and unsure I am posting in correct forum.
I have just received a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
My existing phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.
Could someone tell me where I can find instructions on how I can move my contacts, photos, text and viber messages, calendar appointments, My Files, etc from my Galaxy S4 to S7 Edge?

You've come to the right place for help. 
There is the right way you can transfer your text messages from one Samsung Galaxy phone to another.

Here is how I transferred all my text messages from my Samsung S4 to my Samsung S7. Before I did this I transferred all my contacts over.

Transfer all SMS Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge directly by Samsung to Samsung Transfer- Mobile Transfer which is the best Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S7 Edge SMS transfer tool.

Please download the try trail version below:


Step 1: Download and install the program Mobile Transfer on your computer

Step 2: Connect both your samsung galaxy phones to the same computer

Step 3: Transfer Text messages to new samsung galaxy S7/S7 Edge.


More info:

How to Copy Contacts from S4 to S7/S7 Edge


  1. I had Sprint transfer my contacts from my S4 to my S7 Edge,and I lost half my contacts. Weird thing is that my old S4 phone ended up with the same edited contact list as my new S7 Edge. Sprint said that it didn't make sense, and have been unable to fix the problem. Amy suggestions?

  2. your contacts might have been previously saved under 1 of the following, SD card, Internal memory, or through google. Sometimes when you change phones that will happen so if not all of them were synced before the transfer, you would need to manually put them in. Thats why if now when you add a contact, it gives you the option to pick "where" you want it saved to

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