How to Transfer SMS Messages from Android to Samsung S7/Edge

Something about Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

According to Hong Kong media reports, Samsung S7/S7 edge price than the previous generation S6/S6 edge full price cheaper 500 and 600 dollars, a lot of benefits. S Samsung dual card containing 32GB capacity version, gold, and white options. Samsung S7 edge dual card version, containing 32GB capacity, gold, black, silver three color options.

Samsung S7/S7 edge appearance in front of the generation gap is not small, but it has introduced two new flagship IP68 waterproof function, and supports microSD card expansion. Configuration, the Samsung S7 using 5.1 inches 2K AMOLED screen, equipped with Exynos 8890 processor, built-in 4GB RAM + 32GB/64GB ROM storage combination with 3000mAh battery, and with 12 million pixel Dual Pixel camera. As Samsung S7 edge, the machine uses 5.5 inches 2K AMOLED curved screen, equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor, the battery is 3600mAh battery, other configurations consistent with the Samsung S7.

How to Transfer SMS messages from old Android phone to Samsung S7/Edge?

"I mean to back up and transfer my text messages from the old Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S7. However, it will be a big task to copy and paste thousands of text messages from Android to PC, and then from PC to another Android! Any shorcut to transfer SMS between Android and Samsung Galaxy?"

Has anyone successfully moved sms messages from one android HTC/LG/ZTE/Sony/Huawei/Samsung to another Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? If so how did you do it? I ended up doing a master reset on the S7 and just added all of my contacts. Any help and a good push in the right direction would be great.

Text messages have always been crucial information in our daily life. We communicate with our friends, family members, clients, colleagues by messages. So, for every Samsung users there are some invaluable messages stored on the phone. But different from other media files, text messages can't be stored on the external memory card, only can be saved in the internal flash card. However, the phone's internal storage space is always limited and that means it is impossible for us to store infinite SMS.

Recommend trying to back up your messages using the Android to Samsung Transfer application from the http://www.iphone-ios-recovery.com/. Android to Samsung Transfer. As an outstanding Android SMS transfer tool, Phone to Phone Transfer helps you transfer contact, phone number, text content, sent and received time, and so on of your text messages and keep them safely in your destination Android phone. Process to transfer text messages in between Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

And first, you need to download try trail version below:


Easy guide to Transfer SMS messages from Android to Samsung galaxy S7/Edge:

Step 1: Launch Phone to phone Transfer after Downloading

After downloading Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer, launch it and you will see the interface as below.

Step 2 Connect android phone and Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge to Computer

Connect the two phones to computer simultaneously with the USB cable. Then, you will see both your Android phones be detected and listed in the interface as the “Source” and “Destination” one. You can just click "Flip" button to change the places of the two phones.

Step 3: Transfer SMS messages to Samsung galaxy S7/Edge

Select the Text messages you want to transfer to samsung s7, and then click “Start Copy”. And click “Completed” once the transferring ends.


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