How Can I Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung S6/S6 Edge

Newly bought a Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge One? Don't know how to transfer all the contacts from your old HTC to the new Galaxy S6/S6 Edge phone? Many friends recently ask us for help when they need to move HTC data to their new Samsung galaxy or other Android phones, especially contacts. So, here we are offering you a detailed how-to tutorial assisting you to make the data transfer successfully.
Mobile Transfer is an transferring tool that you can transfer data between phones under different phone brand like Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony and so on. You are allowed to transfer phone data like contacts, text messages, videos, music, pictures, apps, call logs and so on. As you want, you can transfer the data with only one simple click. You can download and know the detail of transferring HTC contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge.


How to Move HTC Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Step 1. Install the Program and Launch it on the PC
First of all, install the program on your PC and then click to launch it. 

Step 2. Connect HTC and Samsung Galaxy phone to the PC

Now, connect your HTC and Samsung Galaxy S6 One to the computer via USB cables. Both of the devices will be detected by the transfer program and show up in the main window. Your HTC is recognized as the "Source" phone and the Samsung is "Destination" phone. You can change their places by clicking "Flip" if you want.

Step 3. Transfer HTC Contacts to Samsung galaxy s6 edge

Check "Contacts" in the list of contents allowed to copy from the program. Now click "Start Copy" to begin transferring contacts from your HTC to the new Samsung galaxy phone. Keep connecting the devices in the process.




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  1. To Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung S6/S6 Edge, the free way is using Google account,and the easiest way is using mobile phone transfer program. With their help, we can directly transfer data between HTC and Samsung S6/S6 Edge.