How to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung A5/A3 to A8?

How to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung A5/A3 to A8?

Many people change their phones frequently and they are need to transfer data contacts from old Samsung Galaxy A3/A5 to new Samsung Galaxy A8 phones.If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy A8 or Samsung Galaxy A9,the first thin you need to do is transfer all data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, calendar, notes, whatsapp data, call logs from Samsung A3/A5 to Galaxy A8. If you have a need to cope your old Galaxy phone data to the new Samsung Galaxy A8 or A9, you come to the right place.

This article will show you a quick way to transfer data contacts from Samsung A5/A3 to A8, first of all, you need a professional transfer tool -Phone to Phone Transfer.It takes only a few minutes to fully transfer all data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy A8/A9. Including contacts transfer, text messages, videos, music and photos are also transferred to the new device at the same time.


How to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung A5/A3 to A8?

Step 1. Launch the program and connect both Galaxy phones to computer

To start with, launch this Phone to Phone Transfer program after installing it. The primary window will pop up, select “Phone to Phone Transfer”, click “Start”. Connect both of your Galaxy phones to computer via 2 USB cables. This program will automatically detect your devices and shows it in the primary window.

Step 2. Connect your Galaxy A5/A3 and Samsung A8 with the PC

Connect your Samsung phones to computer with USB cables,then you will see the window below. Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy phones is Destination. If they are in the wrong place, click “Flip” button to change the position.

Step 3. Transfer data contacts to new Samsung galaxy A8

As you see, this program allows you to transfer everything from your old Samsung Galaxy phone to the new one. For those who only want to cope all data, please remove marks before the corresponding content. Then click “Start Copy” button to begin the transfer. When the transfer over, don’t forget to click “Completed” button.


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