How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone 6S/6/Plus?

Lots of Text messages stored on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone,all of those messages are very important for me. Yesterday,I just bought an iPhone 6 Plus, I want to know how to copy transfer those messages from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 6 directly? Please help! Thanks a lot! (Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

Android to iPhone Transfer does not confine itself to transfer data only from iPhone to Android. Actually, it is capable of transferring data from Android devices to iPhone as well. Say you need to copy all your text messages from your Android phone to a iPhone 4 and you have no idea how to do it. Here is when you need to seek help from our Android to iPhone Transfer.

Although the Samsung and iPhone devices running the different OS-Android and iOS, to transfer copy text messages between iPhone and Android phone,you can use this Android to iPhone Transfer,which can help you transfer messages from from iPhone to Android phone,or copy SMS from Android to iPhone directly, including text messages, contacts, music, call history and more. So, you have no need to be depressed any more. You can follow the similar steps to transfer your contact, photos, SMS, videos, etc. between your Android phones and iPhone(Transfer data between iPhone and Android).


How to transfer Text Messages from Android Phone to iPhone

Step 1. Launch the Phone Transfer Program

Download and install the Mobile Transfer program on your computer. After running, the main window will show up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start".

Step 2. Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer

Connect both of your Android and iPhone to the computer through USB cables and then Mobile Transfer will detect these two devices. While two devices are detect by program you can see the window show up as follow:

Step 3. Copy Messages from Android to iPhone

to begin the transfer, choose "Text messages" in the content box and click "Start Copy" button. If you want to clear all the destination phone data before copy, you can click the ''Clear data before copy''. As long as you have finish data transfer, please click "Complete".

1. Please make sure that two devices are always connected in the whole time.
2. To transfer your data from Android to iPhone, you need install iTunes on your computer.

Tips: The Phone to Phone Transfer is a wonderful phone data transfer tool that allows you to copy data such as messages, contacts, music and pictures from Android phone to iPhone with ease.

You can free download Phone Transfer and install it on your computer, and please make sure you have iTunes on the computer or you’ll have to install it too. If you are want to transfer all the data on your phone instead of only SMS, you can follow the tutorial on how to transfer data from Android to iPhone to have it done.

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