How to Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung S8

Although I'm a science student, I still like music and other art. Every time I hear a good song, I will download it in my Samsung mobile phone. However, Samsung recently launched the Samsung S8, compared to the previous generation, S8 has a larger screen and more narrow frame and width, with seamless surface glass body + metal frame, bring a better grip. I can't deny that I want to change my cell phone, but I can't bear my baby music, because those music are accumulated little by little in my daily life.

Wow! I can't see you're a lover of music. Don't worry. If you want to change your cell phone, I can help you with other problems.As for your situation, I think download a software called Mobile Transfer is the best choice but no other. Mobile Transfer is so convenient that it can help you transfer data including music, messages, data contacts, etc. Besides, if you say you want to backup your music to your computer, it can also meet you. Actually, it can backup and restore all data from your phone to the computer. Are you so curious about it? Don’t worry, next I will tell you how to transfer music from Samsung to Samsung S8.


Steps to transfer music from Samsung to Samsung S8

Step1. Choose the transmission mode

Like you use QQ software, first of all you have to download, install and run Mobile Transfer. After the success of the operation, you can choose the solution of "phone to phone transfer".

Step2. Connect both of the Samsung phone to your computer

Next, connect your old Samsung and Samsung S8 via two USB.

Note:Please ensure that your the old phone as a resource phone is displayed on the left side of the computer, while Samsung S8 is connected to the right side of the computer. Of course, you can also exchange their location by clicking on the "Flip".

Step3: Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung S8

For this step, you will be asked to check the file you want to transfer, here you just need to check “music”, and then in the next interface you can choose the music you want to transfer, of course you can choose all of them. After that, please click” star transfer”.


Note: Be sure both of the phone are connected to the computer, or you may have a failure transfer program.

More info:

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