How to Permanent Erase Data from Samsung S4

“I have used my Samsung S4 for several years. I am satisfied with its high quality, but the appearance of that phone is out of data. Recently, I am planning to buy a latest phone, so I want to resell my Samsung S4. Perhaps it can’t sell for a good price, but it is better than nothing. I made factory reset of that phone to erase the all data, such as contacts, messages, photos and so on. However, my friends tell me that the deleted data can be recovered without using the professional data eraser. But I don’t get well about the eraser software, so I need some help.”

Considering data erasing aspect, Delete Samsung Data is the most popular one and wins lots of compliments from its users. It can meet users’ different demands of erasing and ensure the data deleted thoroughly. Mobile Eraser, designed to protect your private information, is an all in one phone eraser tool to clean your Android devices data.


Steps to Permanently Erase Data from Samsung S4.

Step 1. Install Mobile Eraser and Connect Your Device
Install Mobile Eraser on the computer and run it properly. Then connect your Samsung S4 to the computer with USB cable.

If you were the first time to use this program, the program will denote you to install “MobileGo Connector” on your device. Just follow the denotation and finish that.
Notes: If you find that Mobile Eraser can’t recognize your detected device, please enable the USB debugging.

Step 2. Erase All Data on Your Device
Here, click on “Erase All Data” button to get into the erasing mode and type “Delete” in the text box to confirm the deletion.
After that, press “Erase Now”  button to start permanent erasure on your device.

During the deleting, please keep your device being connected to the computer.And there are something you need to pay attention to.
Notes:1.Please close all background Apps.
2.If there are any running on the device, please wait for updates to be completed.
3. Please make sure you have backed up any needed data because this deletion will permanently erase all data.

Step 3. Factory Reset Your Device
This a the final and vital step. After deletion, the report of what kind of data was deleted and how much of them will be shown to you.

After that, you will be asked to perform a Factory Data Reset task to clean up all system data on your device manually, just follow the tips on the window and complete it.


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