How to Transfer Contacts from Nexus 4/5 to iPhone 6/6S

Apple iPhone 6s in all aspects of the performance is good, the price is also very stable, supply is also very adequate. In appearance, the machine uses a new 7000 series of aluminum alloy, the fuselage design, although consistent with the iPhone6, but the body has added to the characteristics of water splash, making the utility greatly increased. In terms of innovation, iPhone6s added a new 3D Touch pressure sensing technology. In the picture, it's more fun and join the Live Photo model.

I have heard that Apple's iOS system is very good; it happens that the iPhone6S price is also within the scope of my ability, so I bought a iPhone 6s to replace my old phone Nexus 5. My question is, I want to transfer the contacts in the old phone to the new mobile phone, and there is a simple way?

Mobile Trans is a 100% secure data transfer software, you do not have to worry about your privacy will be leaked in the process of transfer. It can transfer your data, backup your data, restore your data, and delete your data. And the steps to implement these functions are very simple. In addition, the software application is very extensive, at present it is applicable to more than 3000 mobile devices.

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Step 1. There is no doubt that first you need to download the Mobile Trans to the computer. And then run it and click "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. As shown in the figure below, you are asked to connect your two mobile phones to your computer. So you need to prepare two USB lines. When you connect the phone to the computer, you can see the old phone is displayed on the left, if not, you need to click on the "Flip" to change its position to ensure the next step normal.

Step 3. When these two steps are successful and correct, you can transfer your contacts. You need to check the "contacts" in the middle of the window, and for other files, you can decide on your needs. Then, click "Start Transfer". Finally, when the transfer is complete, please click "OK".
In addition, please ensure that the phone is connected to the computer in the whole process.


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