How to Transfer Data Contacts from Old Galaxy to Galaxy Note 7

According to the latest news shows, Samsung will be released in August two new Galaxy Note series smart phones, respectively, the general version of the Galaxy Note7 and Galaxy Note7 which equipped with curved screen. And for Galaxy Note7, it seemed to have greater significance, because it will be the first galaxy note tablet series mobile phone which equipped with double curved surface screen. At the same time will it continue to Galaxy S7 Edge design style, and the function is more powerful. It seems that the mobile phone will cause a new round of purchase tide, especially for people who love the Samsung Galaxy series.

While changing the phone, we often need to transfer the old mobile phone files to the new mobile phone. So, is there a simple and convenient way to achieve the transfer of data?

Mobile Transfer is a simple, convenient and practical data processing software. For this software, we have to introduce its highlights. It can transfer all kinds of files in different systems, whether it is iOS to Android or WinPhone to iOS, it can easily meet your needs. Moreover, it is applied to more than 3000 kinds of equipment, is a popular software. Since it is a data processing software, it is not only the function of the transfer, it can also backup, restore, delete mobile phone data. You only need to select the appropriate function according to your needs.

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Next I will introduce how to transfer Contacts data from the Galaxy phone to Galaxy Note 7.

Prepare work: Download and install Mobile Trans to your PC and prepare two USB data lines.

Step 1. To run the software, double click Mobile Trans. Then you can see the four options in the main interface; click "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. According to the requirements of the next step, you need to connect to the computer two mobile phones, so you need to be prepared in advance of two USB lines. After the connection is successful, please make sure your old phone is displayed on the left, if not, please click "Flip".

Step 3. When you're done with the two steps, you can move your cell phone data. The type of phone file will be displayed in the middle of the window, you just need to check them according to your needs, and then click "Start Transfer". Finally, after the transfer data is complete, click "Ok".

Note: please ensure that the two mobile phones are successfully connected to the computer in the whole process.

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