How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from HTC to LG G5

LG is a distinctive brand in smart phone, which always like blazing a new trail. They often bold try some new mobile phone design, both G series of classic back button, V series of auxiliary screen and dual front camera design, or the new G5 multifunctional module combination scheme are immediate cause a bright.

LG G5 also continues the style of G series, it still remains a rounded shape, while compared to G4, LG G5 is more smooth in the edge of the details. The screen, LG G5 still uses the proportion of high screen ratio design, the effect of 5.3 inches of 2K resolution IPS-LCD screen is very good, it has 2.5D arc of glass surface, which sliding softer when you touch.

Has learn so many advantages about LG G5, last week, I changed my old HTC to LG G5. Well, the phone is changed, but the contents insides my HTC has still stayed in it. As a salesman, the most important data in my HTC is the SMS text. So, how can I extract them and put into LG G5?

To this end, I turned to a friend for help who is familiar with the software of mobile phone. And he recommend me Phone to Phone Transfer, a efficient and convenient data transmission software. It can transfer almost all data in your phone between Android, iOS, WinPhone and Symbian. The following article is the method of how to solve this problem.

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Steps to Transfer SMS Text Messages from HTC to LG G5

Step 1.  Run Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

After download, install and launch Mobile Trans, it will show you its 4 functions. Just select the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click it.

Step 2. Connect your Devices to PC

When the program enter next stage, you can connect your devices to computer via USB cables. The source phone should set on the left while the destination phone on the right. If you reverse them, you can click "Flip" button upper the contents list.

Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer them

The program will recognize your devices automatically, when it display "Connected", you can select the data you want to transfer. Now, tick "Text messages" box and if you want to transfer all data to your new phone, just tick them all. Then click "Start Transfer". The transferring will last a few moments.

It's really a easy-operation software, isn't it? Widely praised for Mobile Trans is considered as one-click transfer software.


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