Samsung S8 in January next year, according to the original plan released

After the Wall Street Journal had disclosed the Samsung GALAXY S8 will be equipped with exclusive AI smart button, but may be delayed until April next year, the news will be released. But now according to the South Korean site The Investor reported that an anonymous supplier has confirmed that they will be delivered in January next year, the first batch of Samsung components, it is seen as Samsung plans to begin beta GALAXY S8 a signal. Also, an unnamed supplier revealed that all parts for the GALAXY S8 will be available from February next year, which means that Samsung will continue the past model, the new machine at the MWC show, and then next year, three Month officially opened for sale.

After the Wall Street Journal has cite informed sources disclosed by the Samsung GALAXY Note 7 large-scale recall events, Samsung hopes the upcoming GALAXY S8 can be more secure, it may be postponed until next year's April release, which missed the end of February next year Of the MWC Assembly. However, according to the South Korean site The Investor's latest report, there have been suppliers have been confirmed in January next year, Samsung will deliver the first parts, so in the outside world this may be Samsung GALAXY S8 is about to start the closed beta signal.

At the same time The Investor also quoted anonymous supplier sources, Samsung GALAXY S8 all parts will be fully available in February next year, it also means that the next generation of Samsung flagship will also be the end of next February at the MWC show Release, and then in March next year, the global shelves sales.

Samsung has said it has not decided when to release (GALAXY S8), now too early to discuss. However, at least from the supply chain aspects of the message, this Samsung next generation flagship launched in accordance with the original plan is more likely, such as the previous disclosure of Samsung GALAXY S8 will use optical fingerprint identification of mobile phone chip users have reached, Although the current (optical fingerprint sensor) yield is not very good, but there are three months from the time of mass production can be overcome. So from the time speculated that the machine closed beta in January next year, and then the possibility of mass production in February is still relatively large.

Messages from the supply chain show that Samsung GALAXY will not use 4K display, but will continue to use 2K touch screen, but determined to use new materials. At the same time as there is no supplier to receive the Home key components of the order, also indicates that the Samsung GALAXY S8 is indeed possible, as the hearsay said, cancel the physical Home button.

Although there are many rumors about the Samsung GALAXY S8, but on the whole will have three major characteristics. According to Samsung Mobile Vice President Lee Kyeong tae previously disclosed the news shows that the upcoming Samsung flagship next generation will bring a more smooth design, improved camera and enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Although the specific details may be released to the official when it will reveal the mystery, but including optical fingerprint recognition technology, 90% of the screen and equipped with dual cameras, and was named Bixby voice assistant, and many other features of the successive exposure, Samsung executives are disclosed with the three characteristics of more consistent

It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY S8 will have 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches two versions, will be equipped with hyperbolic display, confirmed that will be equipped with 10nm process technology Exynos processor, is expected in next year's February 26 MWC Conference Officially released.

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