How to Transfer Contacts from S4/S5/S6 to S8 Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge recently exposed a group of renderings. It is reported that the phone still has the following characteristics, including the high screen proportion design, the double curved screen, metal body, built-in projection, wireless charging, iris recognition and other technologies.

Rumors about the phone are very much, but in any case, these are unable to stop the footsteps of Samsung enthusiasts. Many fans show that they are willing to buy a new Samsung S8 Edge to replace the old Samsung phones.

However, if I bought a Samsung S8 Edge, how can I transfer the old Samsung phone data to the new phone? How to transfer my contacts from S4/S5/S6 to S8 Edge?

Mobile Trans is a software that can help you transfer files between two different phones. You can use the software to process your mobile phone data, such as transfer files, backup data, delete data, etc.. The file can be transferred is rich and varied, such as contacts, photos, music, calendar, App etc... In addition, you do not worry that the software cannot be compatible with your phone, because it has been updated, the current can be compatible with the latest iOS systems and Android systems. Even if your phone is the latest mode in the market, it also can be compatible with.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung S2/S3/S4/SS5/S6 to S8 Edge:

Step 1.Please download and install the Mobile Trans on your computer. Next, click the "Phone To Phone Transfer" icon. Then, click "Start".


Step 2.Connect your Samsung phones to your computer. It requires two USB lines. After the success of the connection, check whether your old phone is displayed on the left, the S8 Edge is displayed on the right, if not, please click on the "Flip".

Step 3. Next, you can copy your phone contacts. In the middle of the window there are a number of projects, find and check the contacts, and then click "Start Transfer". At the end of, after the completion of the copy, click "OK".


Note: in the process of transfer, please sure two phones have been connected to the computer.

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