How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy J3

Samsung J3 is equipped with 5 inch 720p screen, using 1.4GHz snapdragon 425 processor, built-in 1.5GB storage and 16GB flash memory, with Android 6.0.1 operating system. In addition, the front cameras is 2 million pixel, rear is 5 million pixels, the battery capacity is 2600mAh.
Samsung J3 is a basic model of the phone. For many Samsung users, if you trust the Samsung brand and want to buy a cheap phone, I would recommend Samsung J3. Because the phone meets the basic needs of people, but the price is not high.

If you buy a new Samsung J3, then you may have a problem, how to transfer the old Samsung phone data to the new phone? For example, how to transfer the old Samsung phone contacts to Samsung J3?

You can use Mobile Trans. This is a powerful data processing software. You can use the software to transfer data in two different mobile phones, not to mention the same brand of phones. And it can be compatible with the latest type of phone, including the latest phone system. In addition, you can transfer the data including contacts, SMS, music, video, call history, etc.. You don't need to worry that the process is very complex, as long as you use the software, everything becomes simple. You only need three steps to successfully transfer the data, and will not cause the loss of data.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy J3:

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Trans to your computer. As you can see, there are four items on the desktop. Click on “Phone to Phone Transfer".


Step 2. Please connect your two mobile phones with USB line. Since you need to transfer contacts from the old Samsung phone to J3, you need to make the old Samsung phone appear on the left. If the old Samsung phone is displayed on the right side, please click "Flip".

Step 3.At this point the program will automatically detect your file, the directory which you can transfer will be displayed in the middle of the window. And then, as you can see, all the directories have been checked. Please select the contacts and cancel the other files. Finally, click "Start Transfer".


Note: in the whole process of the transfer you want to ensure that the phone and the computer is connected to the normal.

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