Samsung S8: Virtual Key + Back Fingerprint Unlock

Samsung S8 for the first time exposure of the bright screen spy photos, ultra-high screen is still the main features, to remove the positive Logo and switch to the screen virtual button design, style changes, will be officially opened in early April.

With the Samsung GALAXY S8 released gradually approaching, the network finally appeared in the engineering machine spy photos, not only shows the hypoid surface design of the curvature and ultra-narrow forehead and chin, but also confirmed to remove the positive Samsung Logo and the entity Home Key, and the first appearance of the bright screen also confirmed that the opportunity to use the virtual key mode of operation on the screen, is expected to be officially released on March 29.(How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung S8/S8 Edge)

Spy photos more exposure

From the exposure of the spy on the network point of view, Samsung GALAXY S8 really with the past we see a variety of renderings are relatively close, with a high screen ratio and super narrow forehead chin, not only corners more rounded, and Also used a round screen design, remove the positive Samsung Logo, there is no physical Home button, so it can be considered to be used to identify the machine after the fingerprint recognition rumors.(Transfer Contacts from S3/S4/S5/S6/S7 to S8/S8 Edge)

However, due to the exposure of the spy photos of the protective film manufacturers for the GALAXY S8 film after the photo, so the top of the phone there are seven openings, but in fact after the hide can only see the front lens, iris recognition and Light/proximity sensors and other openings. More importantly, this is the first time the Samsung GALAXY S8 lit touch screen after the photo, and confirmed that the machine uses the virtual key mode of operation on the screen, and the return key is located on the right.

The back fingerprint is unlocked

It is worth noting that, according to the latest leak on the network Samsung GALAXY S8 official clip map point of view, the machine's virtual button on the screen in the icon also carried out a new design, the home page key is still square, and the return key and function keys For the new icon style, looks more simple and beautiful, as the back of the style is confirmed that the machine's fingerprint recognition sensor is located on the right side of the lens, as the left was heart rate sensor/LED flash.

In addition, the foreign media AndroidPolice also released for the first time for Samsung GALAXY S8 launched DeX (desktop extension) base style, seems to have a wireless charging function, and with HDMI cable and monitor connection, with the keyboard and mouse You can make the phone into an Android system desktop computer, and Microsoft's Continuum have a similar experience.

Open in early April

At present, the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 Plus basically have been identified will be equipped with 5.8 inch and 6.2 inch touch screen, support 2960×1440 pixel resolution, and according to different markets were equipped with Xiaolong 835 and their own Exynos 9 series processing Device with 6GB LPDDR4X flash memory chip, which is said to be half a generation than the current 6GB flash memory and provides 64GB/128GB ROM capacity using UFS2.1 storage technology, with 8 million pixel front lens and support auto focus.

While the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 Plus's main camera parameters, although there are news that will be 12 million pixel sensor, but do not know the lens aperture size, but there are rumors that will load 13 million pixels of the new Sony custom sensor, or Past weakened version of Sony Black Card. At the same time according to previously leaked information, Samsung GALAXY S8 series will be released on March 29, and then in early April on sale.

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