Samsung S8 battery capacity exposure

For users who plan to buy a new smartphone, battery capacity is one of the important criteria that determine the user choice, after all, even if a smart phone has another powerful performance and a variety of high-tech features, but not enough battery life As a safeguard, all this is on paper. And for Samsung's upcoming new flagship Galaxy S8, the battery capacity is also very concerned about.(How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung S8/S8 Edge

According to the latest news of Android Soul said that South Korean media said the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be equipped with 3000mAh capacity battery, and the larger version of the Galaxy S8 Plus will be the battery capacity to 3500mAh. And if this data is true, then the Galaxy S8 series models in the battery capacity and the previous generation Galaxy S7 combination is basically the same level, but the Galaxy S8 Plus Galaxy S7 Edge slightly more than 100mAh. In fact, for battery capacity, and the previous generation S7 is acceptable, as consumers, my bottom line is the new S8 as long as the Note 7 and his party casually explode on the line!

At the same time the report also cited a Samsung insider's statement, confirmed the news. However, according to previous experience to judge, usually Samsung does not officially released a flagship for any evaluation, so the current view of the news should also have some reservations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus from the current release of about 2 months time, that is, will be held at the end of March conference, so all the answers need to wait to be announced.

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