How to Transfer Apps from Samsung to Samsung S8

With the development of mobile phones, "bow family" has been a hot topic. For this phenomenon, some people talk about the harm caused by mobile phones, but in my opinion, I think that as long as the application is appropriate, the advantages of mobile phones outweigh the disadvantages. For example, next month is English test six, and I did not buy information to review but directly download the "spark English" App on the mobile phone , it can not only help me prepare for the English whenever, but also record my progress in learning. But recently, my Samsung phone inside a chip is broken, I intend to replace Samsung's new Samsung S8, which equipped with Xiaolong 835 processor, 1/1.7 inch camera sensor, and 4K ultra high resolution display screen. What I was thinking about was that if I downloaded the "spark English" App on my new cell phone, I would have lost my before record of learning, so I especially wanted to pass the App of my old cell phone to my new cell phone.

I agree your idea that mobile phone may help us. But for your wish, I guarantee it is Mobile transfer can actually help you achieve it. Mobile Transfer is a software which can transfer Apps, contacts, messages, music and other data between phones with different system. Besides, it is very safe, so you can use it without worry. What’s more, it may a best assistant who can help you restore and backup data from smart phone to computer. During the following I will teach you how to transfer Apps from Samsung to Samsung S8.


Steps to transfer Apps from Samsung to Samsung S8

Step1. Choose the transfer mode

Firstly, please surf the net to find the software called Mobile Transfer, and then download, install and run it on the computer. After the success of the operation, you can see four solutions on the program,you just need to choose "phone to phone transfer".

Step2. Connect both of the Samsung phone to your computer

Next, connect your old Samsung and Samsung S8 via two USB.

Note:Here I have to remember that your old Samsung as the resource is put on the left side of the computer, while the Samsung is put on the opposition.

Step3: Transfer Apps from Samsung to Samsung S8

Look at these catalogs, you find out “Apps” and check it, the you can scan many kind of Apps about your old Samsung, as long as you find it, like “spark English”, check it and click” star transfer” and you can choose different Apps at the same time.


Note: To have a smooth transfer program, you should let both of the Samsung smart phone connect to the computer.


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