How to Erase All Data from Samsung S8 Permanently before Selling

Is there a way to delete all the data in the Samsung S8? Yesterday was my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a iPhone 7. And I'm using Samsung S8. I do not want to idle my old Samsung S8, after all, this phone is still very good. In order to make the best use of my Samsung S8, I sold it to the second-hand market. However, I need to permanently delete all the data in the phone before, because many of the data in the phone are related to my privacy, I have to delete the data. Only permanently delete all the data on the phone to completely protect my privacy. I wonder if there is any way to erase all the data in Samsung S8?

Dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Eraser can fully erase all of your Samsung S8 data, and it will be permanently unrecoverable. Your phone data will be permanently protected. The steps of the software are simple and easy to use. In addition, it also has a strong compatibility, it supports almost all Android devices, including Samsung, HUAWEI, SONY, ZTE, LG, OPPO, etc.. You can also use it to erase the phone's photos, messages and attachments, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and app data and other data. What's more, your phone data is safe, no one can view or retain the data in your phone, your phone data will disappear forever after the erase.


Step 1. Connect your Samsung S8 to your computer

First, you need to download dr.fone toolkit for Android on your computer. After you install and run it, select "Data Erase" from all the tools.

Then, use a USB cable to connect your Samsung S8 to your computer. In addition, you need to open the USB debugging on your phone. Because your Samsung S8's Android system version is above 4.2.2, there will be a pop-up message on your phone asking you to allow USB debugging, you need to click "OK".

Step 2. Start erasing your Samsung S8

When the program recognizes your Samsung S8, you can click on the "Erase All Data" button to begin to erase all the data.

PS: once the data is erased by the software, they will not be able to recover, so I suggest that you had better back up some important data to the computer.
Then, the program will enter the next page; you need to confirm your operation. If you are correct, you need to enter "delete" in the box and click "Erase Now".

So, the program will begin to erase all the data in the phone, remember not to interrupt the connection between the phone and the computer in the process.

Step 3. Perform Factory Data Reset on your Samsung S8

When all the data in Samsung S8 is erased, the program will ask you tap on Fatory Data Reset or Erase All Data on the phone. This will help you permanently erase all the settings in your phone.

Finally, when all the work is done, all data in your Samsung S8 has been completely erased.

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  1. Thank you so much! It's been really helpful for me as I have been planning to sell my Samsung S8 phone. I was wondering how to erase all my personal data. It helped me to do it easily.