HTC A9: In addition to the appearance of fact, it is good

A9 is almost in the midst of controversy released, the reason is self-evident. Once the smartphone top spot, he experienced the limelight, also experienced Hardships. HTC now begin the difficult self-redemption, and A9 is the first change in the product they come up with.

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Shortly before we have done a side story out machine zero distance, for A9 designs and iPhone 6s do a more comprehensive comparison, if you have not seen, please click on the following video. In this paper, A9 will be a relatively comprehensive exposition, maybe you only see one side of A9, while the other, I come to you announced.

Appearance: contradictions in fact, is not the focus

I guess all the people (of course, here refers to ordinary electronic products lovers, not HTC fans) know HTC A9 because it's too much like the design of the iPhone 6. Although HTC's people stand up and say indignation, Apple copied our back design.

However, you can not deny that: "This is a machine A9 alone is concerned, it does, and too much like the iPhone 6."

This is why A9 spy released after being Tucao reason many users and industry insiders. But think about this, after the fact, can not blame HTC scolded.

Looking at the current market mainstream brands, especially domestic brands mobile phones, like the iPhone in a few it? ? The answer is obvious, you can always find the iPhone's shadow on some products.

The reason, in today's fast-food era phone, transparent upstream channel accelerated the speed of iteration of mobile phone products, and how to quickly design the appearance of a product, in addition to ODM, easier way is to learn from the best-selling product on the market, and now the world's best selling smartphone which? Of course iPhone, so you do not copy copy who?

Once there was a veteran insiders said a word to me, anyway, are copied, it is certainly a good product to copy, one to deliberately curry favor with users, and secondly, in order to simplify the process. Really gave away the secret.

So in fact we can not put this design big contradictions infinite zoom, after all, at this stage can sense from the inside to the outside design mobile phone manufacturers have been running out. Moreover A9 just HTC's a midrange product yet.

Copying the design is not the point, but for ordinary consumers, I think the phone is actually a lot of people care about the feelings.

To get started on the A9 terms, this machine in terms of size or feel are quite good, especially the weight of 143 grams this phone is just the right texture in his hand will not carry a "shot" of the sense of dislocation.

Although the design of the iPhone 6 and almost exactly the same, but change some of the details still there, do not say anything to feel for design, simply in order to avoid the design patent is wanted.

Metal forming one body more obvious in the upper back corner handle, the finger feels significantly help angular, unlike iPhone that is completely curved. Top of the phone is not a metal, HTC here adding a black plastic strip, should be used to prevent the signal shielding.

The rear lens is placed in the middle, in fact, can not understand why I should have been listening to this stuff put in the middle, one does not look good, the other is in the cross-holding mobile phone camera when the finger is easy to block the lens.

There are a lot of people are concerned about the topic: chin. Cancel the front speakers of A9 or three chin, even if you can stand the fingerprint identification, can tolerate such elements in the screen touch buttons, but HTC's LOGO Always caught in the middle do not have much of a reason. After much deliberation I have not figured out what is a good word to back HTC excuse, even if the designer's belief it ......

Update: I got this beta A9 of the second week, along with updating the system, the screen touch buttons can be hidden inside, I feel a lot better.

Hardware: The screen material you think

HTC AMOLED have a special affection for the. why? If you are a fan of HTC, Samsung certainly know that the Desire screen supply problems because the HTC pit miserable thing. Since then, HTC eat a cutting wisdom, do not touch OLED.

But now things have changed, the power consumption in LCD face serious reality check, AMOLED and solved the problem of color deviation obviously become the first choice of many manufacturers. A9 is no exception choice AMOLED screen, wide color gamut, while the overall color of the screen and not too greenish, plus power and other hard targets, this 5 inches 1080P screen quality is quite good.

Core hardware part, A9 biggest bright spot is 617 Xiaolong Fengyun SoC, which is now a film production of a new mid Qualcomm SoC. The biggest bright spot is that the rate of support networks and support for Qualcomm Cat.7 new Quickcharge 3.0 fast charging standards.

Running on sub-test, HTC A9 scores in the latest security Bunny on 6 beta 3 can go on 6W points, regarded as a good result, although not run like a champ, but the new Sense optimized well, basically basic Operating full no Caton.

Software: Android 6.0 is to promote the power you buy it?

Said the old Android system fragmentation is serious, said the old Android system update slowly. Now this like most of the iPhone 6s of HTC A9 equipped with the latest version of Android 6.0 system, which will become the driving force do you buy this phone?

From the beginning M9, licensed version of HTC phones are equipped with so-called start China Sense, in fact, it is to do some prior Sense underlying localized embedded, it "is more down to earth." Such as telephone dial TouchPal built, real-time detection of caller information, etc., many foreign mobile phone manufacturers have begun to do so, like Samsung, LG or something.

Since I got this phone is a downright engineering prototype, in addition to outside the system beta, the system pre-installed software, a lot of testing and submit BUG, so I do not know in the retail version of the A9 listed, the system will built how many third-party App. But certainly, these can all be uninstalled App.

I got A9 is 16GB of storage space version, the system takes up to 7GB, so inadequate that the phone's storage space only 9GB after hand around, fortunately phone supports TF card expansion, for lack of storage space issues not too worried.

From the beginning of Android 6.0, Google has increased significantly for system security considerations, to A9 for example, before each boot, the system software will be checked for completeness. Meanwhile, after 6.0, Google will use the permissions this thing into the front, all the rights of any software can allow users to decide whether to open, before they are available only to developers. Meanwhile Google also promised monthly upgrade now launched a new system of security patches, HTC also ensures keeping up the pace of Google, Nov. HTC has pushed security patches to A9, A9 my hands on this is also true synchronization update a.

Another feature is the fingerprint A9, M9 + on the same as before and, on the A9 integrated fingerprint module can not be under pressure, can achieve the identification of fingerprints and HOME key functions, A9 can be unlocked in the information screen state. As for the experience and the accuracy of fingerprints, they are good, basically no noticeable delay and misunderstanding in use.

Pictures: 13 million pixels law-abiding

UltraPixel of got mixed HTC eventually made the decision to forward it, so a 13 million pixel camera appeared in the back of the A9, as a mid-range products, such a configuration can make people accept.

HTC interface is still followed the conventional style, A9 support latency, slow-motion and full manual mode, and photos can be stored as RAW format for post-editing.

The overall effect A9 proofs belong lovable type, color proofs overall bias gorgeous. Relatively good overall picture detail, especially in the light of a more adequate environment, A9 can take a pretty good picture. Night shooting aspect, the overall picture of the amount of light is weak, and therefore particularly strong chiaroscuro shooting environment, the overall effect of the general, if you switch to manual mode will be much better.

Life: fast charge really amazing

Since I get is a downright engineering prototype, so the actual life of the phone and not much reference value, but still give you write to do a reference. A9 is equipped with a 2150 mA battery during normal use, it can basically use this phone for about 12 hours, heavy use of time will be reduced to 10 hours.

Although this result seems in general, but in fact there is a point worth when it comes to HTC A9 support Quickcharge 2.0 fast charge standard, the actual experience is quite good, charging 30 minutes can A9 charge to 70%, the overall speed is quite fast, This is more or less make up for lack of battery capacity.

Meanwhile, the 617 is to support Qualcomm SoC Fengyun latest QC3.0 fast charge standard, HTC is committed to upgrade in the future through direct software.

Summary: In fact, still good

Although the groove point A9 is concentrated mainly in the phone's exterior design, but I personally would think that such a question is hugely magnified because it is HTC, which was once a leader in the smart phone, so the outside, HTC The school's head design iPhone is not acceptable.

But in fact present throughout the entire mobile phone industry, this design too much, in fact you from a lot of brands who can see the iPhone or HTC product figure, allow others to imitate HTC, why not allow HTC imitate others? This is clearly justified.

Back to the phone itself, from A9 I get this view, it is a work quite sophisticated products, HTC so many years of accumulation of advanced industrial design on the phone once again been reflected. Update system also let it become the current domestic one of the few able to buy 6.0 system upgrade products.

The only pity is that comparison, A9 tacit support of China Mobile and China Unicom dual 4G network licensed version does not support dual card dual standby, this time in the country to promote competition seems to be a short board.

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