How do i Copy my Pics from HTC to a Samsung S6?

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Copy my Pics from HTC to a Samsung S6.

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Samsung News

Samsung 12-inch flat Win10 pass the test will have against the iPad Pro.

[Abstract] It is reported that this tablet will have a 4K resolution screen, equipped with Intel Core Duo M processor, optional memory is 8GB, support S Pen stylus. Obviously it's mission is to beat iPad Pro.

Last month there are rumors that Samsung is developing a system running Windows 12 inch tablet, then the media is expected to debut at IFA 2015 General Assembly, it will be on, but in the end it did not occur. According to the latest news, tablet from the release time is getting closer.

According to India's import and export data website Zauba information display, the Samsung 12-inch flat-panel now been sent to India for testing. Previously, many of the company's new appearance on the site after the official release, so the new Samsung may also follow this rule.

At present we do not know the Samsung 12-inch flat-panel need to test how long. It is reported that this tablet will have a powerful configuration, including 4K resolution screen.

Internal configuration, it will carry the Intel Core M processor, optional memory is 8GB, support S Pen stylus. Samsung had already released 12-inch tablet device, with the release of Apple iPad Pro, believe that the future market will be more and more similar products.


How do i Copy my Pics from HTC to a Samsung S6

A lot of new Samsung phone users have the same trouble, that is: when they got a new phone, the first thing is they want to transfer the data from the old phone, like photos from HTC to Galaxy S6, However, they didn’t get the easy way and waste a lot of time.

How to sync all files even some Pics and contacts from HTC One to Samsung Galaxy S6 easier? You are in the right place, read the article and you will benefit from it. 

Phone Data Transfer App is the best HTC to Samsung Galaxy S6 Photo Transfer tool that can send all your photos from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S6 in batch. In fact, this wireless transfer tool has become one of the most popular method to exchange photos among all kinds of Android mobiles.

It supports many different HTC models, such as HTC One, HTC One X+, HTC One X, HTC Desire C, HTC One VX, HTC One SV, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC 8XT. Samsung phone models supported included but not limited to: Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy Ring, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Express, etc.


Simple Way to Switch Pictures from HTC to Samsung Galaxy Phone:

Step 1. Launch the HTC to Samsung transfer

After you download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer program, launch it and you will see its primary interface pops up like the following picture shows. Just choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to go to the next step.

Step 2. Connect HTC and Samsung phones with computer

Now, connect your HTC and Samsung phones with your computer via two USB cables. They will be detected by the transfer program once they are connected. Then, you can see them displayed in the "Source" and "Destination". You can click "Flip" button if you need to switch their positions.

Step 3. Directly transfer HTC photos to Samsung Galaxy

In the process, if you want to transfer Photos only, you should uncheck other file types and then click the button of "Start Copy" to begin the process. When the transfer finishes, you can eject the phones and check the transferred photos.



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