Transferring SMS from S2/S3/S4 to Galaxy S6/Edge

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Samsung News

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 4G India quietly released

India manufacturers competing to become the competition, a number of new products recently have appeared in the ground. According to foreign media SamMobile reported that Samsung recently in India has quietly introduced a new machine, which is named Galaxy Core Prime 4G.(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

In fact, if previous reports note that we will find the original plan in March Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 4G launch this new machine in the Indian market, but the time has postponed the final listing.
From the name, it is clear the machine is a new machine to support 4G networks (4G version of Galaxy Core Prime), the main entry-level market. Which uses a 4.5-inch WVGA resolution display, equipped with 1.2GHz Spreadtrum SC8830 processor, built-in 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM storage portfolio, the main camera of 500 million pixels, battery capacity of 2000mAh.

Galaxy Core Prime 4G

Price of the aircraft in India 9999 Indian Rupee (about 974 yuan). Samsung has said previously, due to increased demand for 4G, the future of its launch in the Indian market a new machine will support 4G LTE network.


Transferring SMS from S2/S3/S4 to Galaxy S6/Edge 

Samsung Galaxy used to be very popular. But with more and more people choose Samsung when they buy new phones, some of them don't know how to transfer text messages SMS from old Samsung S2/S3/S4/S5 to new Samsung galaxy S6/Edge phones. But some texts include commercial or personal information. So they are very much in need to move them to their new phone. Now I highly recommend you a software called Mobile Transfer, with which you can solve this problem with ease.
(Recover deleted Samsung Data)

Mobile Transfer, as a professional and useful Mobile transfer tool, it enables you not only transfer messages, but also cope pictures, songs, videos, contacts, call logs and apps from Samsung to Samsung within one click. It allows you to transfer your data among Android, iOS and Symbian, which supports more than 800 devices including HTC, iPhone5, Samsung and Nokia.

With three simple steps, you can move all your texts in your BlackBerry device quickly, including contacts and text messages. Now let's learn together.


How to move SMS from S2/S3/S4 to Galaxy S6/Edge

Step 1. Install and launch the program on computer

Install Mobile Transfer on your PC first. Then, launch it and bring yourself to the primary window, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start

Step 2. Connect both two Android phones to computer

Now, connect both your two Android phones with computer with 2 USB cables at the same time. Once they are connected, the program will detect them automatically as "Source" and "Destination". You support to change the places of the two phones by clicking "Flip" button.


If you want to empty your destination phone, you can tick off the bar "Clear data before copy" to empty SMS on your Android phone.

Note: Make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer.

Step 3. Begin to transfer SMS from Samsung to Samsung s6/edge

All the content can be transferred here. If you only want to cope SMS, you should remove the marks before the corresponding items, then click "Start Copy" button. When the transfer is completed, click "Completed" button.

Note: Please make sure both phones are connected with computer during the transfer progress



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