How to Copy Contacts from S4 to A5/A7

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Copy Contacts from S4 to A5/A7.

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How to Copy Contacts from S4 to A5/A7
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Samsung News

Recently, Samsung announced a new conference will be held on August 13, when Samsung S6 edge Plus will be officially unveiled. There are many Samsung S6 edge Plus configuration broke and renderings, but rarely from the real machine photo exposure. Now, Samsung S6 edge Plus real machine according to, come to see it now!(How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung galaxy A3/A5/A7)

From the photos, the Samsung S6 edge Plus dual curved screen, with 16 million pixel camera, support for manual shutter, shutter speeds up to 1/24000 seconds, just Guards. Meanwhile, the machine is also worth looking forward to a long exposure shooting, but the longest exposure time is too vague ...... looks like 50 seconds.


How to Copy Contacts from S4 to A5/A7

When you want to buy a Android phone, many users will choose the Samsung, if you ask which Samsung mobile phone model is better, I believe many people have been took notice of Samsung Galaxy A5/A7/A8.

When you get a coveted Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, as most of the users, you just want as quickly as possible to enjoy your new phone. However, before you can use your Samsung Galaxy A5/A7/A8 as the old phone you have been used, you may need to transfer data such as contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, apps and more from the old phone to the new Galaxy A5/A7/A8, so as to more convenient to use the new phone. Therefore, this is the reason why so many users asked such as the above questions. In fact, respond to all of these questions, you only need a professional data transfer tool, Mobile Transfer is such a ideal program we strongly recommend to you.

Samsung to Samsung Transfer is a powerful mobile phone transfer software,which can help you transfer contacts from old Samsung phone to the new Samsung Galaxy A5/A7/A8 without data losing. What’s more,it also allows you transfer other data between two Samsung galaxy phone,including text messages, photos, videos, call logs,ect. In additional,if you are use iPhone, you may also use this phone transfer tool to copy contacts from iPhone to Android,transfer contacts, text messages from android to iPhone,as well.


Best way to transfer contacts from Samsung S4 to Samsung A5/A7/A8:

Step 1:Run the Samsung to Samsung Transfer on PC

You need to download and install the android data transfer software on a computer. The primary window will pop up like the sample below. Tap the Start under the Mobile Phone Transfer part.

Step 2. Connect two of your Samsung phones to computer

When entered the transfer window, you need to connect both of your old phone and Samsung Galaxy A5/A7/A8 to the program via USB cables. Both of the source and destination phone have theirs place, you can tip “Flip” to reversed their position. Once your devices are detected, the program will display you all the found transferable data on your source phone.

Step 3:Copy contacts from old Android to new Android phone directly

The tool is capable to transfer not only contacts, but also transfer apps and other data between Android phones, therefore, you need to uncheck the boxes of SMS, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos before the transferring. When everything is done, hit the “Start Copy” button, the program will transfer them all within seconds.



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