How to Sync Calendar from Galaxy A3/A5/A7/A8 to Note 5/Note 7

If you are a responsible person of student union, corporate leader, socially adept, or other characters. I believe you will have a lot of trivial things need to accomplish. Therefore, mojority of us will mark the things that need to be done on the calendar. So, our calender could be full of schedules, such as conference date, girlfriend or boyfriend birthday, the deadline of your work, etc.

If you have Galaxy A range of phones and Note 5 or Note 7 at the same time, or you want to change a new mobile phone, you would not want to write your schedule twice. Well, how can we sync our calendar simply? Mobile Transfer, an easy handling software, can help you directly sync it quick and simple.


Steps to Sync Calendar from Samsung Galaxy A3/5/7/8 to Note 5/7

Step 1. Connect your Devices and Run Mobile Transfer

Please install Mobile Transfer and run it first, then you can select "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to go on.

Now, connect your source phone (Galaxy A3/A5/A7/A8) and destination one (Galaxy Note 5/Note 7) via USB to computer. If the program fail to recognize your phones, keep clam and click "Cannot recognize the device?" and follow as it says.

Step 2. Choose the Files and Transfer

After it recognize the two phones, it will show you "Connected". Then you can tick "Calendar" to transfer it to your destination phone. Surely, you can also choose what you want to transfer. By the way, you can tick "Clear data before copy" to clear the data in destination phone. Now, click "Start Transfer" to sync your calendar. The process may last a short while, be patient.

Transferring calendar and other data from phone to phone is just a simple function for Mobile Transfer. You can transfer data, backup & restore data and do many things through Mobile Transfer. Please unhesitatingly to download and have a try now, you'll be thanks for its ease of use.


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