How to Transfer Photos Messages from Samsung to LG G5

Maybe we have tired of our old Android phone because it take much more time to open and run apps than the previous time, which make you feel somewhat frustrated. This time, you would change your old Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Note/A/J to a LG G5, but how can we transfer the photos and messages that are stored in the old Samsung to a new phone?

A while ago, I changed my old Samsung S3 phone to LG G5, which has lots of "black technology" and rave reviews. Well, the question is, how do I solve the problem mentioned above? Mobile Transfer is a software that can help us complete these trouble with some simple procedures. For example, it can
backup&restore your files, erase your old phone and more. Following, I will teach you the method to use Mobile Transfer to transfer your photos and messages to your new phone.

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Steps to Transfer Photos Messages from Samsung to LG G5

Step 1. Connect the phones and open MobileTrans

First of all, install and run MobileTrans, then you will see a window. At this time, you can connect the two devices to computer and select a blue mode "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Choose the files and Transfer it

Please set source phone and destination phone and if you want to change between source phone and destination phone,you can click "Flip", which is in the middle and upper part of the window. When you see "Connected", you can choose the files what you want to transfer.Now tick "Photos" and "Text messages" and click "Start Transfer".Then the program will run automatically and you just need to wait for a moment.

When the process finishes, you can unplug the USB and check your photos, messages data. In the meanwhile, on the source phone, they will not be lost.

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