How to Transfer Music from Galaxy S3/S4/S5 to S7/S7 Edge

Samsung galaxy S7 edge is a mobile phone that support 192kHz 24bit HD Audio specifications. Except the excellent tone quality, it also feature a 1440p Super AMOLED screen and a larger 5.5-inch panel with IP68 waterproof body. The appearance and outstanding technology has attracted many people's sight.

As a loyal fan of Samsung, I am no exception. So, some time ago, I bought a Galaxy S7 edge. Meanwhile, I like listening to the music very much and my old Galaxy S5 has stored many singer's works, such as LinkinPark, Taylor swift, Bruno Mars and others. So when I change my Galaxy S5 to S7, the first thing taken into consideration is the music. But a complete song includes its cover and lyrics,
which are hard to be completely transferred. Well, how can we transfer them through a simple way?

Then, I found Phone Data Transfer, a professional data processing software can transfer my music by just one click! What an amazing thing, but it is truth. And next will introduce to you how to use this software.

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Steps to Transfer Music from Galaxy S3/S4/S5 to S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. Install Phone Data Transfer and Choose Mode

Let's start from the first step
, download, install and run Phone Data Transfer. When it is running, you will see a window, and you can select "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click it.

Step 2. Connect Your Devices to Computer

When you see the next phase, you can connect your Galaxy S3/S4/S5 and Galaxy S7/S7 edge to computer. The source phone should be set on the left and the destination phone on the right.

Step 3. Choose the Music files and Transfer them

After the program check your devices, you can choose the files what you want to transfer to Galaxy S7/S7 edge, now tick "Music" and click "Start Transfer". Then the program will transfer the music data by itself and you just need wait for a moment.

When the whole process finishes, unplug your USB cables and enjoy listenning your music with the familiar covers and lyrics by Galaxy S7/S7 edge.

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