How to Transfer Contacts from Galaxy Note 2/3/4 to LG G4/G5

Have you ever seen your friend who ask contacts' numbers via Whatsapp Moments? Usually, this situation will happen when you buy a new phone and they may not want to enter the number of all people. Indeed, when we buy a new phone, the first thing that we will probably is re-write all contacts information, such as numbers, address, remarks and others, in our new cell.

However, many contacts data may make you feel frustrated, especially for people with a wide range of social circles. Well, this article will take Samsung Note and LG for example to teach you how to transfer contacts and more data from your old phone to new one by using Mobile Transfer, which enables you to directly transfer contacts, as well as text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and more from one Android phone to another, of course including the Galaxy Note 2/3/4 and LG G4/G5.

Next, please download and install Mobile Transfer first, it can make the process of transfer become simple.

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Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Note 2/3/4 to LG G4/G5

Step 1. Run Mobile Transfer and Connect Your Devices

Above all, open Mobile Transfer and you will see 4 modes, select the blue mode "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the transfer mode.


When you can see the next window, you are allowed to connect your Samsung Note and LG phone to computer, and set one of them for source phone, the other one for destination phone.

Tips: To transfer Samsung phone data to LG G4 or LG G5, please ensure that the Samsung phone is shown on the left, and the LG phone is on the right, if not, you can simple click the "Flip" button to exchange theirs position.
Step 2. Choose the Files and Transfer from Phone to Phone

Wait for Mobile Transfer recognize both phones, select the data you wanted to transfer them from source phone to destination phone directly, if you just need contacts, please choose "Contacts" here. After that, click "Start Transfer". Then the program need a short time to copy and paste them.

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By the way, if you want to transfer app data, the program will apply to you for root access.

It's no trouble at all, isn't it? Now, open your new phone and check contact list, you'll find all the contacts' information in it.

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