Transfer Data Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony to Samsung S8/S8 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a major evolution. This phone will cancel the Home key, becoming the first Samsung flagship without Home key. Galaxy S8 will be equipped with 4 cameras, an iris recognition camera and a front camera, as well as the rear dual camera. Samsung Galaxy S8 dual camera pixel is not consistent, is a combination of 12 million pixels +1300 pixels. In addition, Galaxy S8 is not only strong in terms of performance, battery life is also good. S8 will use the optical fingerprint recognition technology. At the same time, Samsung will launch 256GB version of the capacity.

With such a high configuration, I think Samsung S8 will attract a large number of users. Of course, Samsung S8 Edge also has such a charm. However, some users put forward this doubt, the phone they used is not a Samsung phone, such as LG, HTC, Sony, etc.. If they buy a Samsung S8 now, they need to transfer the important data of the old phone to the S8 or S8 Edge, but the two phone brands are not the same, the data can be successfully transferred to the new phone?

You can use the Mobile Trans to transfer data in your mobile phone, such as text messages, contacts, photos, App, videos, music, etc..  This is a practical and convenient data processing software. You can use the software to transfer data, and the software can help you transfer between different mobile phone brands, but also can be transferred between different systems. The transfer process is simple, can be summarized as three parts, select the function, connect the phone and start the transfer. The software has a clear operating interface, is very easy to understand.


Step1. When you download this Mobile Trans Program, install and run it, and then, you can see the primary interface as below. Please press "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click on "Start".


Step 2. Connect your Samsung and old phone to your computer with the USB cable. Because you want to transfer the contacts from old phone, old phone should be shown on the left. If the result is the opposite, please click "Flip".

Step 3.At this point the, the directory which you can transfer will be displayed in the middle of the window. And then, all the directories have been checked. Please select the contacts and cancel the other files. Finally, click "Start Transfer".


Note: in the whole process of the transfer you want to ensure that the phone and the computer is connected to the normal.

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  1. Transferring Data Contacts from HTC/LG/Sony to Samsung S8/S8 Edge is very easy with Phone Transfer software. With it,we can directly transfer data like contacts from HTC/LG/Sony to Samsung S8/S8 Edge after we connect them with computer via USB Cable.