Mobile Transfer-Transfer all data from HTC/LG//Huawei/Motorola/Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6

Possibility of Samsung Galaxy S6

Mobile technology has to be one of the most dynamic industries. Every time there is always something new coming up. New smart phones are always getting released every few months. This is mostly to keep up it the demand from consumers. It’s the nature of people to want something better. That is why consumers are always craving the latest technology. Smart phone manufacturers do not disappoint on this. They make sure they give people what they want. Samsung is one of the biggest players in the smart phone technology market. It comes only second to Apple. Over the years, Samsung has found a way to always keep consumers happy with its products.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the flag ship smart phone for this particular company. AS of 2013, it had released the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is the smart phone that caused quite a sensation among consumers. It was the gadget that was giving iPhone4 a run for its money. It has not been that long since the last release from Samsung but you are already looking for something new. The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems like a lifetime away but you have certainly started looking at the possibilities.

If you have a new Samsung Galaxy S6 when the Galaxy S6 released next year, you will face the problem that you want to transfer all photos, videos, contacts, messages from HTC/LG//Huawei/Motorola/Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6.

In everyday life we often encounter. To transfer all data from old Samsung Galaxy/HTC/LG//Huawei/Motorola to New Galaxy S6, you can use a Samsung Galaxy Transfer tool- a Mobile Transfer software .The phone to phone transfer software allows you copy contacts between two Samsung Galaxy phone in 1 click. What’s more, this mobile phone transfer can help you transfer other contents from one Android phone to another Samsung phone, such as SMS messages, call history, apps, photo, video and more.


How to sync all data between Samsung Galaxy phones

Step 1.
Launch the program and connect both Galaxy phones to computer

To start with, launch this Mobile Transfer program after installing it. The primary window will pop up, select "Phone to Phone Transfer", click "Start". Connect both of your Galaxy phones to computer via 2 USB cables. This program will automatically detect your devices and shows it in the primary window.

Step 2: Copy all data from android to a new Galaxy

As you see, this phone transfer tool empowers you to copy everything on your old android phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Therefore, if you only want to transfer contacts, you ought to remove marks before the corresponding content. Then click the green button "Start Copy" to begin the transfer. When the transferring comes to an end, you should click "Completed".



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