Samsung C9 Pro selling point announced: was originally a social weapon

Samsung official also announced several selling points of the machine, namely, self-timer, K songs, audio and video, it seems C9 Pro will be a suitable social up to the use of weapon.

Big screen entertainment

Samsung C9 Pro with a new process design, micro-slot antenna, 6.9mm all-metal ultra-thin body, ultra-narrow frame, it's Yan value to be improved. Equipped with 6-inch full HD display, Samsung screen to become the largest smart phone, with the upper and lower dual-speaker design, it is suitable for watching movies. In addition, support U soundtrack, and "sing", "K song" and other APP cooperation, enjoy the real-time ear returns to the K song effect.

Main self-timer

Front 1600W pixel self-timer lens, comes with beauty effect and supports more than 50 kinds of creative watermark, you can easily shoot Yan bursting, creative self-photo, friends circle dazzle people must; 1600W pixel after the main lens, support F1.9 large aperture, PDAF phase focusing, Light + algorithm can automatically change the camera according to take pictures of the camera mode, in the dark light environment can also get a higher brightness lower noise imaging results. Samsung C9 Pro is also more functional in the localization, for example, with the WeChat self-timer with the micro-video, find the same paragraph artifact "patting Amoy" and so on, to meet the social control needs.

Superior performance

Samsung C9 Pro equipped with Android 6.0 system, the use of Qualcomm Xiaolong 653 processor, performance is said to range between Xiaolong 810 and Xiaolong 820, supplemented by 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM, performance guaranteed. Built-in 4000mAh battery, with fast charge technology. Other aspects also support dual card dual standby full Netcom, Samsung Pay and Alipay / micro letter fingerprint payment.

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