How to Transfer Photos, Videos from Samsung to On 5/On 7/On 8

Samsung's On series is a good and inexpensive products. Many people are willing to put them as their new mobile phones. The 2016 edition of the On series upgrade to a certain extent, which also attracted a lot of users. Now, the market for the On series products are On5, On7 and On8.

I am a Samsung mobile phone sales, in the process of sales, I often encounter a problem, how to transfer the old Samsung phone data to Samsung's On5/On7/On8? When buying the mobile phone users often need to transfer the information of the old phone to the new phone. Many people only know how to use the traditional method to copy the phone data to the new phone, and this method is cumbersome and inefficient. In addition, you can not guarantee that accurately transfer the desired mobile phone data to a new phone. And they're worried about the old phone's data is not compatible with the new phone.

In order to eliminate the user's worries, I will recommend a software –Mobile Trans. This is a practical and easy to operate software. You only need a few simple steps to solve the problem. And it can meet your various needs, such as the transfer of data, backup, delete, etc.. So it is very comprehensive. And it can be applied to a variety of systems, including iOS, Android, Symbian, WinPhone, etc.. You can use it to transfer data in two different systems, not to mention the same system, for it is a piece of cake. It can transfer photos, video, text messages, and many other file types.


Next, I will transfer photos and video as an example, to briefly introduce the use of the software.

Step 1.Please download and install the "Mobile Trans" on your computer. Next, click the icon to run it. Then, click "Phone To Phone Transfer".


Step 2.Connect your Samsung and On5/7/8 to your computer by the USB line. When your connection method is correct, your old phone will appear on the left side, On5/7/8 will display on the right side. If not, click on “Flip”.

Step 3.Next, you can begin to transfer your video and photo. In the middle of the window, there are displayed the type you can transfer, check the "video" and “Photo”, click "Start Transfer". After the transfer is completed, click "OK".


Tip: in the entire operation, please ensure that the connection between the phone and the computer is correct.

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