Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Samsung C9/C9 Pro

A new Samsung mobile phone will come into the market, it is likely to be the latest C series phone that is Samsung C9 Pro.

From the official announcement of the rendering graph, Samsung C9 Pro will use a new process design. And according to the AnTuTu Benchmark, C9 Pro is equipped with 6 inch Full HD screen, Android 6.0 system, using Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor, 6GB RAM+64GB memory configuration ROM, pre 16 million pixel front camera and rear 16 million pixel main camera.

Samsung C9 Pro has a high performance-price ratio and it will be well suited to the low-end mobile phone market. Therefor, when we buy a Samsung C9 Pro, I think the first thing we should do is transferring the data to it, especially the contacts. Maybe we can finish it by computer, however, this method is likely to make some of the data missing in the old Samsung phone.

Here, I want to share a more convenient and quick method that is Mobile Trans. This software can transfer almost all data in our devices such as photos, text messages, calendar and many other file types between Android, Winphone, Symbian and iOS. Besides, Mobile Trans can guarantee zero data loss and the data is 100% secure.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Samsung C9/C9 Pro

Step 1. Launch Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

In the first, launch Mobile Trans and then select the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer". And don't forget connect your Samsung old phone and Samsung C9 Pro to computer with USB cables.


Step 2. Choose the Files

When the program enter the next window, it will display what data can be transferred to you. And you should set Samsung old phone on the left side while Samsung C9 Pro is on the right side. By the way, if you want to erase the new device, you can click "Clear data before copy" and the program will do it. Then check the files and click "Start Transfer".

Step 3. Transfer the Files

Now, Mobile Trans will transfer the files you select automatically. You just need to keep the two devices connected and wait it patiently. The time of whole process would depend on the amount of your data and it would not last long.



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  1. I have an SiI and Samsung ES7100F TV. Both have wifi direct and will connect but my phone will attempt transfer of a picture but the TV doesn’t receive or notify me of incoming file. All other wifi disabled. Any suggestions?

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