Transfer Messages from Note 2/3/4/5 to Samsung S8

As we all know, the explosion of Samsung S7 left a very bad impression on people, therefore Samsung will certainly restore users trust by Samsung S8.
And recently, there are many news about Samsung S8. Its upper and lower edges of the two metal binding, while the side is using a elliptic curve modeling. The whole body forms an ultra-thin oval. What's more, it may adopt virtual touch keys instead of the entity Home key. Samsung S8 will even support 4K screens as well as VR glasses
Such a excellent performance smartphone. So, when we buy a new Samsung S8, the first thing must be transferred the data to it from our out Samsung phone such as Note 2/3/4/5. For me, I will transfer the messages to Samsung S8 first or you can transfer other data, it's up to you. But the problem is that how can we transfer the data in our old phone simoly and quickly. To solve this problem, we need a helper.

Mobile Trans is exactly what we need. Mobile Trans is a cross-platform professional transfer tool. It supports Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, etc. And it can transfer any data in your phone such as photos, text messages, videos, calendar, music, and many. Even some APP data can be transferred by Mobile Trans. Besides, it can also backup & restore data in your phone and erase your old phone.


Steps to Transfer Messages from Note 2/3/4/5 to Samsung S8

Step 1. Launch Mobile Trans

First of all, download and launch Mobile Transfer correctly. Then choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" function. Now connect your two devices to computer with USB cable. And the source phone should be set on the left side while the destination phone is on the right side. You can click "Flip" button to exchange their position.

Step 2. Select the data

When the program shown your both phones are connected, you can choose what data you want to transfer by marking the box in front of them. If you want to erase data on your new phone, just check the mark on the "Clear Data before Copy" box. After that, click "Start Transfer" to begin the transfer process. During the process, please be sure your two devices is connected. The process will last for a while, you can do some other things untill it completed.


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