How to Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to Samsung S8

According to reports, Samsung S8 will use the USB Type-C interface. At the same time, the Samsung S8 will use the 2K resolution SuperAMOLED display, which is the standard RGB arrangement, can further reduce the power and have a longer life. In addition, the Samsung S8’s front camera will support the automatic focus function. Samsung registered the smart focus trademark "SmartAF". It’s also explicitly mentioned facial recognition software of intelligent mobile phone in the description, so Samsung S8 support automatic focusing should be obviously.

Automatic focus function of S8's front camera is very attractive to me, so I'd like to have a try on this phone. Exactly my iPhone's screen broke, and I had a chance to change my phone. However, there are a lot of old photos I like; I want to copy them to the S8, can I?

You don't need to worry that iPhone's photos cannot be transferred to S8, because you can use Mobile Transfer. This is a multi - functional data processing software, such as transfer, backup, delete data, etc.. It can be applied to a variety of systems, including iOS, Android and Symbian etc.. You can use it in two different mobile phones to transfer photos; of course, you can also transfer messages, music, video and other data. You just need three steps. And these three steps are very simple and easy. You can easily complete the transfer of data.


Step 1. Download and install MobileTrans from official website. Then, launch the program. Then you will have the interface as below. Please click on “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 2.Connect your phones to the computer with a USB cable. It should be noted that the iPhone's interface is displayed on the left; the S8 is on the right.

Step 3.As you can see, all contents are listed in the windows. Tick " Photos” and “Videos " and click "Start Transfer". Your Photos and Videos are beginning to transfer. Please make sure your phone is connected to your computer.



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