How to Transfer Data Contacts from Note2/3/4/5 to S8/Edge

In accordance with the usual practice, Samsung Electronics often launched a variety of high-end S series flagship machine at the begin of year, and launch of the new Note series of mobile phones   before apple conference held in the autumn. However,this year launched the Note 7 and due to the occurrence of spontaneous combustion accidents, Samsung has been fully discontinued, so Samsung needs to launch a more stunning S8 to restore consumer confidence. Samsung S8 will learn from the many design of Apple's iPhone 8 legend. Among them, the phone will cancel the physical buttons, saving space will be used to expand the area of the display. Although S8 will have a certain impact on the iPhone, but also has a certain blow on the Note series. Many Note2/3/4/5 mobile phone users have been approved not to rush toward S8/Edge. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble for the user to change the phone, I will give you a strong recommendation of a data transmission software called Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a secure free data transfer software. It can transfer data like messages,contacts,videos in different systems of mobile phones. At the same time, it can also back up as well as store the data to the computer. it can completely remove the phone data, which other software might not be able to achieve that.In summary,Mobile Transfer is your best choice.Next,I will introduce how to transfer data contacts from Note2/3/4/5 to S8/Edge.


Steps to transfer data contacts from Note2/3/4/5 to S8/Edge

Step 1.Choose the Transfer Mode

Download, install and operate Mobile Trans.After then please click “phone to phone transfer”

Step 2. Connect Your Phones to PC

For this way,you need to connect your phone to your computer by two USB lines.

Note:Keep your Note2/3/4/5 as old phone as the source phone on the left and your S8/Edge as new phone as the destination phone on the right.If you don't want to do that,you can choose to click"Fill"to exchange their location.

Step 3:Transfer your data contacts from from Note2/3/4/5 to S8/Edge

At this point,you will see a interface on your computer which has many choices and you just need to  check “Data Contacts”. Next, click on the bottom of the "Start Transfer".


Note:Please let your both phones be connected to your computer during the whole transfer program.

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