Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC One M9

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC/Samsung/LG/iPhone/Huawei/ZTE/Sony to HTC one M9.

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Part 2: Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC One M9
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HTC one M9 News

Goldgenie is a specialized custom gold, platinum version of high-end machine manufacturers, and recently launched its official gold plate HTC One M9. As we think, gilded version of HTC One M9 is very expensive, its price is $ 2,560, equivalent to about 15,896 yuan. Probably only the rich can afford it.

Of course, such an expensive cell phone can not be installed in conventional packing boxes. Goldgenie the machine offers luxury boxes, such as made of cherry oak. Meanwhile, the manufacturers also gold-plated version of HTC One M9 is equipped with a sturdy protective shell.(How to Backup Android Contacts to Computer?)

In addition, if the user already has a hand HTC One M9, Goldgenie can also transform their gold, the price is slightly lower, but users still need to pay $ 1,332.45.(How to Transfer all Data from HTC to Samsung S6)


Transfer Contacts/Photos from android HTC to HTC one M9

With the huge success of HTC One M8 in last year, HTC has long prepared to release its successor M9 to the market to continue the success story. According to a news report, 24% of One M9 buyers come from previous Samsung device owner. My friend Sarah is one of the consumer among the switch list. One of the problems she ran across when playing with the new device is how to import contacts/Photos from android HTC to new HTC One M9 as she has no clue about this.

You must first download the HTC Transfer Tool from the http://www.recover-iphone-ios-8.com/ store on your old device. Then, click on the "Get content from another phone" option in the HTC One M9's settings, select "Other Android phone," and choose between a "quick transfer" or a "full transfer." The quick transfer will simply transfer your contacts, photos over to the new phone, while the full transfer brings your messages, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, calendar, and settings to the M9.

Next, we recommend you the third-party Mobile Transfer software, you can easily download free trail version below:


Use guide to transfer contacts, photos and more from HTC to HTC One M9:

Step 1 Launch the Program in computer

Install the program and your PC will show up the primary window.

Step 2 Plug your android device Samsung/HTC/Huawei/LG/ZTE/iPhone and HTC One M9 to the computer

Connect your android HTC phones to PC, you will see this picture. It shows the transmission direction from HTC to HTC. You can click "Flip" to change the position. Now the program is detecting content of HTC, please wait a moment.

Step 3. Moving android HTC contacts, photos to new HTC One M9

Having all the data in HTC detected, you can choose "contacts", "photos" and start the program by clicking "Star Copy". It will take some times, when it stops working, you will find contacts, photos in HTC are placed in your new HTC One M9.



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